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I'm trying to join up into the fleet but I can't find it under the Fleet tab in the social tools thingy. Name's Chrisbott84@Chrisbot84 (note the two t's on the first Chrisbott) so feel free to invite me!

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What a spoiled, whiny, self-entitled little bitch of a baby. Wah wah wah, someone said some unkind words about you. Grow the fuck up, and act like an adult. Don't get all pouty and sad and take your ball and go home just because someone said something you didn't want to hear. If anything, man up and prove everyone wrong.

Phil has said and done his fair share of stupid, hurtful shit over the years, and gotten well-deserved flack for it. And now he's just going to call it all quits because someone whose shtick is the Annoyed-fucking-Gamer said something unpleasant about him? Please. If you're so fed up with the shit you get from people stop giving them the ammo they need to fling it at you and stop acting like a goddamn diva.

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It didn't seem real to me until today. I listened to the Bombcast, saw all the tweets and news stories, but it didn't really get to me. Then I watched the mailbag and saw Ryans desk covered in flowers and holy shit.. Got me like a train. Just broke down crying there and then. Goddammit Ryan, we're all going to miss you. So damn much.

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$399... Oh fuck man.

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StarCraft 2 had a really smooth launch. If I remember correctly, the servers got hammered pretty hard around the midnight launch, but by around noonish the next day everything was golden. The Old Republic had a pretty stellar launch for an MMO too. But they let people who bought the super limited editions or whatever they called in a few days early so I'm sure that helped a bit too. But yeah, for a new game in a series that has never really had any serious sort of multiplayer aspect to it to be online all the time is bullshit. Just total bullshit.

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Todays PS4 stuff was super-interesting, but not enough to push me into a day-one, hell even a year-one purchase. If you ask me it's never been that great am idea to get a console it's first year, with rare exceptions most systems don't see any really great, exclusive games until year two or three of their life. The only semi-recent example of a great, must-own launch game was Halo. Before that, Mario 64, I guess? Hell, I didn't bite on the PS3 until holiday 2009, and that was because of Uncharted 2.

Maybe there'll be some real barn-burner shit at E3, but as of right now I am very much in the camp of 'meh' on the next generation of systems. The Wii-U is a total non-starter for me, and the only game that would have pushed me to get one (Rayman) is coming to 360 and PS3. I'm way past the point of burnt-out with the regular stable of Nintendo exclusives with the exception of Metroid, but I doubt we'll see anything like the Prime games ever again, so I'm not holding my breath. So far based on what (admittedly little) we've seen from Sony I'm starting to get that way with the PS4. Everything they showed today either I don't care about (Killzone, Deep Down) or I can get on PC or current-gen systems (Diablo 3, Destiny, Watch Dogs). I'm sure The Witness will be interesting, but not $400-$600 interesting, and that's the whole vibe I got from everything today.

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Jeff Green and Shawn Elliott had some nice reactions on twitter to this. But, yeah, that's really fucking weird. I think out of all the 1UP people that were there when Ziff owned them, only Jeremy Parish is still around. Wonder what he thinks of all this. This got me thinking, didn't Ziff Davis own Gamespot ages ago, or were they just partners? This is one strange industry...

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@TheSouthernDandy: I love Jim too, but you're right the dude gets a lot of unjust hate.

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Not about to dig through 120 pages of this thread to see if these have been posted yet, so apologies. But I thought I'd share these two videos on the subject. First is from the kind of controversial Jim Sterling and the second is from Adam Sessler and his crew at Rev3games

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