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Back in 2011, I followed Patrick to Giant Bomb, finally giving this "bizarre gaming website" a chance. Three years (and three GB membership renewals) later, I'm so grateful to Patrick for broadening this community's horizons and for the level of excellence in virtually every piece of content he's been involved with during his tenure at Giant Bomb.

Best of luck on your future endeavors, Patrick, you will be immensely missed!

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All fixed for me now, as well. Thanks engineers!

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Same here, issue started about a day ago on my iPad 2 (using the Safari browser). And oddly enough, I'm having no problem loading/watching videos on the Safari browser of my iPhone 5, so it doesn't appear to be an issue with all mobile browsers.

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It was a privileged just being a fan of Ryan's, he will be immeasurably missed.

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Here's my guess...

  • Man of Steel: $40.0 million
  • Monsters University: $70.0 million
  • World War Z: $45.0 million
  • TOTAL: $155.0 million
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@0blivion said:


@dethmunky said:

@0blivion: Shepard.

Love this.

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My jaw literally dropped open when I scrolled down to reveal the logo. Bra-vo!

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I know very little about the Persona series, but that is some fantastic art. Nice work!

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Always bet on black.

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"Hey hey, you you, I don't like your _______ !"

And of course, the responses must be sung in tune.

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