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Today, I was going to eat a Deep Dish pizza, but I could only stomach half of it.

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Can't blame you. They're so damn good, but so damn greasy.

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@damnboyadvance: Whenever I eat a pizza, I generally take a napkin and pat it down, much to my friends' bewilderment. However, as hard as I tried to keep away the grease, I still ended up consuming a lot more than I should have. No worries however, I've put the pizza in the fridge and will probably end up eating it a few days down the road.
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Now I'm hungry, thanks.

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@TaliciaDragonsong: I am eating pizza right now. 
You're welcome.
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So will I in about 16 minutes.
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you can't eat a whole pizza all at once. part of the greatness is the cold slice and the reheat.

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@TaliciaDragonsong: c:
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I've been known to eat an entire pizza on my own, but assuming you're American... your pizzas are ENORMOUS.

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@Tebbit: No, this wasn't a family-sized Pizza, this was a personal Deep Dish. I'm not crazy.
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Take that grease like a man.

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