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Does Toto fit? If not, probably King Crimson.

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I've never been in any sort of relationship, serious or not, so I don't really have any metric by which to compare things. There's this girl I've been going on a couple of dates with recently, which is an exciting first for me, but I couldn't tell you whether or not I loved her or not. She's told me as much, but I don't want to reciprocate because I'm scared of making the same mistakes I made before.

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The pictures of Mario and Lara croft are probably more infringing.

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Wow, it was actually pretty tight

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I'll date any person who is capacitated and does not hate me.

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@nekusakuraba Preferably one with less typographical errors.

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I signed up for a Women Studies course because I love studying women, if you catch my drift, but they just made me research gender issues and stuff

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I have an iPhone 5 and love it to death. Real talk, I would cut off my own hand before I allowed to to touch an Android device.

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It's all about the ratio for me. There should be 16/10 times as much peanut butter as jelly.

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You would not have infinite health. If the code gave you an arbitrarily large amount of health, you would still have that arbitrarily large amount, but it would tick down normally.