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Is the spider a reference to the episode in summer of 2010, right before E3 where Jeff brought in a spider from LA and the foursome were forced to podcast a flurry of trepidations about the scheming arachnid, until Brad finally killed it?

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Can you drive the Statue of Liberty in any of the assortment of Ghostbusters games?

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Personally, I think the soundtrack is pretty nice. Generally, with every station they opted to go for a good chunk of great fits with a few tongue in cheek cuts that were thrown in to be funny. I don't really fault them for that, I think they did a pretty good job picking the music. Personally Iove the Classical station, for all the crazy moments just get tenfold crazyier when you blast some Motzart over your vehicular antics.

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@chrismafuchris Also, do Tank Delivery and Heli Delivery and VTOL Delivery still work?
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How does this happen? Is it grayed out, does it say "Busy", or is it just not there?

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What does the mixtape feature do? I do not how far into the game I am (I just got to the zombies), but I have yet to try it out. How is it different from the regular radio?

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I think the game is pretty incredible, but I can not STAND the Guardian Angel missions. I wonder if I could just turn down the difficulty and just blast through the missions.

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@ZeForgotten I think it would be even more wonderful if it was a coal train with John Coltrane in the front, conducting it.
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I agree, TooWallrus. Someone should just make a catch-all "am I the only one" thread and consolidate all these burning questions.

#10 Posted by chrismafuchris (1088 posts) - mind immediately jumps to the esteemed jazz saxophonist John Coltrane? It's gotten to be very disorienting, to the point where I actually thought the legend was in Gears of War, despite being, you know, deceased. Can any of you relate to this situation? Or am I the only one who feels this way?