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A marvellous port of a DS classic 0

 The Ace Attorney series is one like no other in gaming: they’re witty, full of outdated memes and pop culture references (used mostly ironically), bundled with good plots, intriguing mysteries and warm characters who fans of the series are very fond of. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, now available on the iTunes Store, is where it all began. For the most part, the iPhone edition of Ace Attorney is a straight port of the DS version, which in turn was a port of the Japanese-only GBA version...

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A big step forward for videogame storytelling 0

When I heard that Quantic Dream were making another narrative-heavy adventure where the player’s choices have an impact on the story, I had nightmarish visions of their last game, Fahrenheit, all over. Fahrenheit was the first game to be developed exclusively in hell: it lured you in with false promises, and initially looked and played very well, and just as you had invested enough time in it, it pulled the rug from under your feet. Past the point of no return, you almost felt obliged to ...

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Addictive and good value for money 0

 On the iTunes store, the full title of Doodle Jump is “Doodle Jump – BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive!” After spending about 45 minutes with this game without realising it, I’m inclined to agree. The basic premise is simple: tilt the phone to move the main character, who jumps up and down constantly. You have to climb up platforms as high as you can, avoiding enemies (who you can shoot at by tapping the screen) and avoid falling below the bottom of the screen. Conveniently (or sometimes not...

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I'm not entirely sure why this version exists 0

There are very few games that ilicit a reaction of “Huh, you paid for that?” more than Canabalt. Not that it’s bad, it’s just that there’s a free Flash version on the developer’s website. But that free Flash version is the very reason I paid for Canabalt on the iTunes Store. I’m sad to say that the paid version offers nothing more than the free one. Canabalt is the typical old school Flash game that I used to play during IT and Computing classes, instead of actually working. The basic ji...

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A Promising Start To Season Three 0

In the buildup to the third season of Telltale’s and Steve Purcell’s Sam & Max, I wondered what the focus of this season’s satire would be. Season one, retroactively titled Sam & Max Save the World for the Wii and Xbox 360 release, satirised the media and how people are so quick to buy into fads, like they’ve been hypnotised or something. Season two, Sam & Max Through Time and Space, took aim at generally believed fictions, such as Santa Claus, Vampires, UFOs and so on, alongside ...

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Judge it for what it is, not what it's not 0

I could start off this review with a cliché, such as saying that Final Fantasy XIII isn't for everyone. I could say that it's like Marmite: you either love it, or you hate it. However, if I said that, I'd be talking out of my arse. Every game, even the good ones, have people who love them and people who hate them. Final Fantasy XIII is no different. It's a good game, and whilst giving it criticism for its flaws is fair, I think a lot of the anger and distaste expressed towards it is more about w...

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