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Good riddance. I'll have to look at my balance today in "real money"

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Platform: Xbox 360

Gamertag: CrispAndDipped

Characters I Play: Dhalsim, Ken, Balrog (Boxer), Cody, Akuma

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This is unbelievable. So sorry for his new wife, friends and family. He was cornerstone to Giant Bomb.

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testers among should be cool. too bad Arturo isn't on the panel though. thanks for posting all this @FLStyle !

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Winnipeg, urban, essentially in the center of the city.

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Hey Dave. While it is a pity to see you leave I wish you the best with your new family and whatever job end up doing when you are ready.Thank you for all your work on the site. It was a great trip!

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CrispAndDipped on 360

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Awesome work duder, thank you!

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Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is always Lili/Bob

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@DystopiaX said:

Whenever the crew buy something big ticket like this I wonder how much this videogame reviewing gig really pays. Seems to be pretty well I guess.

I couldn't help but wonder the same thing. Good on him though.