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@hassun: Interesting perspective. One I hadn't thought of. Maybe you are right.

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horror podcast with rorie and alex asap please. great list.

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I think the most endearing aspect of Dan is his positivity and enthusiasm that he brings to the website and podcast. Also, Metal Gear Scanlon, taste in food, stories and of course PowerBombcast!!

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Good riddance. I'll have to look at my balance today in "real money"

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Platform: Xbox 360

Gamertag: CrispAndDipped

Characters I Play: Dhalsim, Ken, Balrog (Boxer), Cody, Akuma

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This is unbelievable. So sorry for his new wife, friends and family. He was cornerstone to Giant Bomb.

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testers among should be cool. too bad Arturo isn't on the panel though. thanks for posting all this @FLStyle !

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Winnipeg, urban, essentially in the center of the city.

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Hey Dave. While it is a pity to see you leave I wish you the best with your new family and whatever job end up doing when you are ready.Thank you for all your work on the site. It was a great trip!

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CrispAndDipped on 360