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I think Jeff knows that he has the eating habits of a young child and is playing that up for comedic effect, but sometimes I'm not sure.

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It had motion controls, a really long intro/tutorial section and way, way too much dialog and story stuff. They need to keep it simple, emphasize exploration and discovery and stop long-windedly explaining every little thing as if the people who play Zelda games are dumb. @def mentioned that people want Zelda to be Skyrim or Dark Souls as if that's a preposterous thing to want. But The Elder Scrolls and Dark Souls have taken up the mantle that Zelda games cast aside because they embody the qualities that many people associate with the Zelda games of the 80s and 90s. The Legend of Zelda games of today are just some sorta OK games that are attached to a great brand. People will play them forever because it's Zelda, but they've wandered far afield of where they started off. They've forgotten that this series used to be about discovery and wonder. It was once about YOU--yes you, the player, going on an adventure in a video game fantasy land. Now, you join Link™ on his adventure in this carefully constructed story that is being told.

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Sharon Stone's asshole.

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I'm just speculating here, but I bet there's a strong correlation between the people who haven't liked some of the last few Zelda games and people who don't like anime. I feel like the Zelda series has gotten increasingly anime-ized in the 3D era.

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League has better game mechanics than Dota, but Dota is much better at everything besides, especially the e-sportification of it, which makes it both easier to follow and the most cutting-edge game in the genre. I get the feeling like the audience for League is a lot younger than the average person in games media and the average age of Dota players as well. The games press also has a love affair with Valve and Steam, which means that Dota is more a part of their world than League of Legends, which is its own thing that exists outside of what most people think of as normal video games. It's owned by some weird Chinese holding company, which, fairly or unfairly, makes it seem like it's a chintzy, exploitative F2P bullshit like Maple Story.

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I'm really glad that robot-voiced fake pop stars would never take off outside of Asia.

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I don't like how it plays, but it's interesting. I'll say good even though I don't like it.

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I agree completely. To me, it almost seems like some kind of bizarre online machismo. It's as if people think being optimistic or earnest is showing vulnerability that will leave them open to mockery. If the overwhelming tone of a message board is negative, the people who want to be open minded are going to leave. Some people get online to chat about stuff and other people get online to vent and get out all their aggression. The latter group is way more active.

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The Witcher is too far away to get excited just yet. Even Dragon Age doesn't really have me excited, per se. Faintly tingly, perhaps, but not excited.

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Dragon Age is continuing to look very good to me. The rest of the show did nothing for me. Everything else seemed to be a reminder that all their sports franchises continue to make minor changes year after year, they have their own doomed moba in development, there's a new, inferior-looking Battlefield spinoff coming out soon and promises of potentially interesting but distant games that aren't ready to be shown off yet. EA doesn't seem to have much going on in 2014.