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@horseman6: @bocam: @karkarov:I'll help you guys make sense of this: a straight, white dude generally isn't in the minority in most online communities. Straight, white dudes aren't vulnerable to bullying and harassment that targets them on homophobic, transphobic, racist or misogynist grounds. That makes it easy to either deny that such a thing exists or decide that it's no big deal when it does happen. That's privilege: not having to worry about how unchangeable aspects of who you are can be a liability. There's nothing about straightness, whiteness or maleness that makes people turn out rotten. But, those things will help shape a person's perspective. When people allow themselves to be trapped in their own perspective, they tend to get all riled up when it's challenged. So, if you didn't know, now you know.

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I'm usually not an anal-retentive nerd but every Terminator-related thing to happen after T2 is just further disgracing the Terminator name. Judgment Day wrapped up the Terminator story perfectly. There was no reason to revisit that property (besides money, of course) and by doing so, they basically erased the second movie from the canonical story, which is annoying. The more you like the Terminator series, the less you should want to see this stupid movie.

And since I'm indulging in a little nerdy ranting already: they did Highlander the same way. When you've got a good ending, for God's sake, leave it alone!

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I think I heard Arthur Gies mention the Giant Bombcast a couple of times on RebelFM in the wake of the 1Upocalypse. I hadn't heard of any of these Gamespot guys before then.

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The awful truth is when people bother to criticize a particular video game, there's almost always at least some truth to their complaint. The only debate to be had is how much specific gripes should affect the game's overall appraisal, so the level of emotional investment should ideally be fairly low.

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@teaoverlord: I mean, she also said "shape" which implies a greater responsibility than just only reinforcing what previously existed, but I'm not interested in having some sort of protracted argument about Anita's word choices. My point is that this argument is not just about "Wouldn't it be nice to have more women in games?" and that many people believe video games are a serious contributing factor to rape and other forms of gender violence, and that things should be done to remove those contributing factors. That is my only point in this conversation right now.

Seems like you were a minute ago.

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@stryker1121: It's almost like some people are framing their opposition to sociopolitical analysis of mass media from a feminist/post-colonial perspective as a defense of creative freedom in order to mask the fact that they're really just reactionary cranks.

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This is the standard fedora enthusiast

Yes, let's group together a bunch of people by their hats, not their actions. And heck, let's do that grouping based on a single person.

Good job there, buddy. +1 for tolerance.

Sing it, sister! This is perhaps the most critical civil rights issue of our lifetimes.

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Please tell me this means that anime will stop existing.

Anime will outlive wrestling.

Oh my God do I even dare to dream of a world without anime or wrestling?

But, in all seriousness, it's too bad that Anime Vice got the shaft. I've never visited the site, but the people who did probably really enjoyed it.