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PSN: chr1st0phe34

Timezone: EST

Games: Fifa 14, BF4, AC4, Infamous, Steamworld Dig all PSPlus games (Dead Nation, Merc Kings, etc

I also have a Vita; active on Spelunky

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I'm going to the Mad Decent Block Party in Atalanta this weekend. Diplo, Skrillex, RL Grime, Flosstradamus, Dillon Francis, and excited!

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I am about 3/4 (I think) of the way through the new Tiny Tina DLC, and I have died on the same boss upwards of 15 times. Without a full party of four, playing through this new DLC on Ultimate Vault Hunter mode is proving to be nothing but constant deaths and struggling to do damage. I appreciate that Gearbox created Ultimate Vault Hunter as a challenge for players, but it becomes nigh unplayable as a solo game at times.

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Constantine. Exquisite angles...and angels

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Polygon. Their articles are fantastic.

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Honestly, I'm a huge giantbomb fan, but their news and editorials pale in comparison to what the Polygon team has been doing while on The Verge. Giantbomb's strengths are the personalities and the video content, not it's editorials and often delayed news.

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The obsession some people have over review scores is dumb. This thread is dumb.

It's our equivalent of numbers and scores in sports.. People just need numbers to debate over it seems.

I wouldn't say that scores in sports are just numbers for people to debate over. They seem kinda important

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It's a social project. It's not real

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I hope Patrick doesn't read this particular thread. This would be incredibly disheartening to me...

This. Patrick's awesome, fuck all y'all.

Dude brought up the topic of JUKEBOX TROLLING. How can you *not* want him around?

Oh yeah where he was in a 'fight'.

Almost in a fight. Dude made it pretty clear what went down and told an awesome story. I like having him on the Bombcast, and he can throw down with the taking it seriously more than any of the others. He's actually a journalist.

He was not even close to being in a fight.