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You should probably email or private message Rorie.

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I always super duper love these. Thanks for the hard work!

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Wasn't sure what to expect from the comments after reading someone kind of spill their guts out in a post like that, but they still managed to stun me with just how disgustingly asshole-ish the responses have been.

I bet you're all super swell people in real life.

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An incredible goodbye Patrick. There's no way you'd remember me, but I used to know you back in the IRC days as well (hell, I don't even remember what my IRC name was back then... Yeas? Solis? Some other long forgotten nick?). I hung out in the Gaming Age channel on good ol' efnet back when you wrote there, so it was kind of surreal to see exxy end up at my favorite website so many years later.

I've really come to love and look forward to your content, and I'll surely follow whatever you get yourself up to next.

I'm sad to see you go, and you'll always be welcome in this community, but I'm also excited for whatever comes next.

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Super excited to finally play The Last Guardian in 2015! Right? (please...)

More realistically, Persona 5 is the only game coming next year that I honestly can't wait to get into my PS4.

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Nope. Love open world games. Wish there were more of them. The very open-worldness of it makes it impossible for me to get tired of them. There's always something to explore or find.

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Have any of you seen an really good articles about the whole Orion/Mars project on any third party sites? Would be interested to read a good write up on everything.

I've found a couple googling, but would like to know if anyone has a particular favorite one.

I think this is all super exciting and awesome from what I've heard so far.

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This has been driving me nuts. This is how I normally check the forums, so for them to be stuck on the same topics all the time kinda sucks!

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I'm glad. I'd rather them not rush it and get it right.

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Never enough beard. If you can grown one, you should have one!