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Super excited to finally play The Last Guardian in 2015! Right? (please...)

More realistically, Persona 5 is the only game coming next year that I honestly can't wait to get into my PS4.

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Nope. Love open world games. Wish there were more of them. The very open-worldness of it makes it impossible for me to get tired of them. There's always something to explore or find.

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Have any of you seen an really good articles about the whole Orion/Mars project on any third party sites? Would be interested to read a good write up on everything.

I've found a couple googling, but would like to know if anyone has a particular favorite one.

I think this is all super exciting and awesome from what I've heard so far.

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This has been driving me nuts. This is how I normally check the forums, so for them to be stuck on the same topics all the time kinda sucks!

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I'm glad. I'd rather them not rush it and get it right.

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Never enough beard. If you can grown one, you should have one!

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I have the same issue. Windows 7 with both Chrome and Firefox.

I first noticed it maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago during a UPF. Had the issue last night for the Thanksgiving stream too, but it was far less frequent than usual. Maybe only 3 or 4 times it stopped as opposed to previous weeks were it would be up to every 30 seconds to a minute for most of the stream.

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Interesting. I also never felt mislead for a single moment as an informed consumer, but I'll certainly take the money or voucher since I qualify.

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Oh no, TB has taken over!

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There are more than enough awesome games in the world that I do not ever need to give Ubisoft another dime ever again. I encourage more to do the same if you find this stuff similarly disgusting.