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Military 2%

Military 1%


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I'm really turned on by a guy who's good with kids. If I see a hot guy and he's a good dad I just melt and nothing else matters except getting his dick into my butthole, which would ironically probably involve causing strain on his family which a good dad would not do.

I also find it really attractive when a guy can drive a manual transmission.

And I like cleft chins.

Your turn?

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That is true UNLESS you get a degree that says "I have no judgment and am scammed easily." Also you can't get a degree with only 4 classes, any school will require you to have a minimum of like 60 credit hours taken in residence to get a degree.

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God Hand has the Yes-Man Kablam and probably a bunch of other ones I'm forgetting lol

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Are you sure you wanna finish your degree? Do you know what you want to do and that it actually requires a degree? Is spending clock time, calendar time, and buttloads of money really the smartest thing to get what you want? Have you talked to people in whatever field it is you wanna go into and seen if a degree is the best way to go about it? I'm a computer science major at UT and we're basically guaranteed a $70+k/yr job upon graduation but if I had to pay for my degree myself I would've said "fuck it" and pursued other avenues for becoming a software developer.

Unless you have money to burn, don't major in something just for funsies, either. If you wanna major in history or something then you have the entire internet at your disposal to learn history. You can learn basically whatever you'd want to in school for free or close to it. It's just that school gives you a credential. Which you don't really need if you've got a group of people willing to vouch for your knowledge in a subject area.

Regardless of what anyone says, it is totally untrue that any degree is better than no degree. Don't go to a for-profit school. If you're talking about DeVry and The University of Phoenix and so on, the BEST they can do is neither help nor hurt. If I were looking at your resume, I'd rather see no degree than a degree from the University of Phoenix. It shows that you're not willing to even google the name of the school and see that literally every result that isn't BY the school is "this school is bullshit, don't go to it" before committing to an expensive and time-consuming process of getting a degree. And then you're there for 4 years while plugging your ears while everything and everyone is screaming at you that you're wasting time and money. I'd question your judgment and assume you're not very smart. Not only because you'd be parading around an easy degree from a shitty school as some sort of accomplishment, but also because finding out the school is shitty is SO FUCKING EASY and it never occurred to you to.

So the answer to your question is yes. Plenty of real schools offer degrees completely online. But make sure you're not wasting your money and don't major in something retarded since college is just about the worst way to learn about a subject. You're not going there to learn, you're going there to network and to get a sheet of paper.

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@chtasm said:

I feel way more connected to the car and the entire driving experience with a manual.

This is basically why I like driving a stick. I thought of a car as a boring, practical tool that gets me places until I learned to drive a stick. It's just so much more fun.

And where I live I sometimes have to drive up hills and in stop-and-go traffic. It's still not really all that bad, and the parts where you go WHEEEEEEE are totally worth it.

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Dear Lord I hope these new episodes don't end up being terrible.

I had the same thought. The marketing has me all worried that these are going to be "hey remember this thing" and not jokes.

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" What are your qualifications? "

I'm a Computer Science student with a little over a year of work experience. I'm not really built so anything that requires a lot of physical labor really isn't for me.

Get a motherfucking internship and don't even think twice about it. CS internships pay ridiculously well, I made $20/hr at my first internship and I spent like 5 hours on the entire application process including the interview.

Also don't look at unless you need to, government jobs don't pay very well.

Edit: Oh. I guess that's not an issue for him anymore, the thread's almost 2 years old and this guy @breej with 1 post bumped it to pimp some site without actually contributing anything. Still, PSA. If you're a CS major, look for internships constantly.

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Breastmilk is a vector for HIV and I think hepatitis, make sure you're not gonna catch anything first.

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So I have to jump to massive conclusions to have an opinion on this I guess?

I mean a 16 year old... at a party... with alcohol. No chance she could of just got drunk and regretted having sex. I mean it's completely out of the question that a 16 year old, who's family or boyfriend or whoever would be pretty pissed off with her that she had drunk sex, could of possibly lied about rape.

Oh wait she's a woman? Fuckign bastard men how dare they!

You might be right if anyone actually had sex (only fingering was involved), or if the victim claimed to remember the event, or if there weren't male witnesses, or if the defendant didn't take pictures of the drunk naked girl.

Geez, am I the only one who reads about a case like this before commenting?

What does it matter? The court room had all of the relevant information and they were found guilty. Second guessing the verdict is irrelevant to reality and this thread.

Not to mention assuming the victim is at fault is pretty fucking reprehensible. As someone else in the thread say it's like that Michael Crook asshole claiming that rape doesn't exist and that this was her fault for wearing a skirt. Because, you know, men shouldn't be held responsible for their actions because they don't know any better. They're barely above animals. Oh wait, they're human being who think for themselves and have self control and live in a modern society? Oh, shit. Guess it really was their fault after all.

I was given no information about what happened. Only some 6 minute video, where they were sympathizing with the two men. Along with that I know that women will get a shit load more sympathy than a man every will. So sorry I thought that was suspicious considering it's a 16 year old around alcohol. Not like there can ever be two sides to a story.

tell me about how it's so much easier to be a woman

and your fedoras