i am 8bit

Curator, and man-in-charge, Jon Gibson had his yearly i am 8bit art exhibit opening tonight. It seems to get bigger and better with every new show, and this year was no exception. TONS showed up. I was lucky enough to be a part of the "VIP Only" first hour to tour the show before the lines started moving. Music was blasting, complimentary drinks were being consumed, and hot girls occasionally playing games (courtesy of Nerdcore) were providing some nice eye candy. In the end, I bought a cool "Elevator Action" themed painting, done in the style of a 1960s spy-film poster. Enjoy the pics!

Not nearly as long as the line eventually got.

Crowds waiting to get in.

Inside the gallery. This was the least crowded it got.

A Nerdcore girl.

More people.

The man of the evening, Jon Gibson, being interviewed.

A beautiful Wind Waker piece that's likely way out of my price range (and was already sold by the time I saw it).

Double Fine art director, Scott C's full size contribution to the [i]King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters[/i] DVD.

Me and my new painting!