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I'm interested to see what Life is strange is like and if people recommend it. But I probably wont buy it until every episode is out. I still have some games from my Steam winter sales haul to play through, so I'm in no hurry to buy new games.

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I come from Dota 2 and played a bunch of HotS over the weekend. I was enjoying myself for most of the time but the last few matches felt kind of empty for some reason. The lack of items, collective hero leveling, no last hitting, no denying, felt fresh and exciting at first. But I think I must find some kind of deeper strategy to the game (which I'm sure there is) else I fear it will burn out fast for me.

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I see where you come from. I think Wrestling might be the first non video game topic on GB that I can't get anything out of. I don't get the references, the anecdotes, the name drops or any humor whatsoever. But whatever, it's easy enough to ignore. I guess Wrestling is kind of a big deal in the US so I can't really complain.

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This was my song back then. Ha, screw your feelings

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Good luck sir. The difference between Dota and other Mobas, I find, is how much impact all the spells have. Describing a Dota hero makes them sound over powered. "A hero that takes you and another hero to any other spot on the map?" "A hero that makes you practically invincible early game, then you can stun them all for almost 3 seconds?". "A hero who can silence you all for 6 seconds?". Dota makes you work for the victories, and it feels so good. Just keep playing, you'll get better.

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Videodrome would be fun

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"Darkness" sounds just a bit melodramatic. But sure, I like Alex and his content on the site. Not necessarily because of the darkness though.

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I have a tendency to start a lot of MMO's but never explore anything beyond mid game. I did this with WoW and Guild Wars back in the days and I've made countless characters over countless games since then, both subscription and f2p games.

I must've racked up at least 2000-3000 hours of MMO's over the years without experiencing any end game content.

I guess that's my "gaming shame"? Or maybe it's just weird.

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Well, years ago when Giant Bomb was in a basement with Whiskey Media they talked on the podcast about who would take what role in a post-apocalyptic scenario (assuming the world would go to shit as they were all in the office). Obviously it's kind of a different crew now, but it's always fun to explore people going through the apocalypse.

Think it was zombies, but I can't remember.

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I will probably end up buying my way in to the game. I'm too curious to wait and, whatever, it's $39.99 for a game I will probably play a lot. I can't even get outraged about it. It will still be a free-to-play game for those who are willing to wait.