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@mb: Looks interesting. I've been looking too much at and that's wrong. Especially in my price range.

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Ok, so I'm giving away my AKG K272 which I got a while back. So much comfort and so much audio honesty.

So now I need some headphone recommendations. $150-$250 range (studio quality headphones. No bullshit headphones)

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@ripelivejam said:

A four year old forum thread.

That's not a safe place. There will be pirates there. And people who just wont give a shit anymore.

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On a luxurious sailing boat. Fish for food and scavenge safe places.

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Watch it your phone.

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Once they feel comfortable reviewing it, it'll be months after release. Hence, no full review. But a lot of expressed opinions, which is what I like.

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Welcome , you're just in time for Homeworld remastered Collection.

And what is concidered a "strategy" game these days? Tactical RPG? Mass units RTS? City building? Civilization management? Tycooning?

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Just watched it and I loved it. I wont promote alcohol, but, it was fun to watch that crew get pretty smashed.

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Rational thought. Cause, man, my family does not have any of that. Yeah, alien-ghost-jesus-trolls are real. Also "Energy" can describe anything supernatural.

Sorry, I'm just angry right now. But I'll stick with my answer.

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Looks alright. I don't like Adam Sandler. But then again I didn't like Bob Odenkirk and Marc Maron back in the day. There's always hope for comedians. As a "gamer" its not enough Baldurs Gate. But that's to be expected.