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There's a couple thick and slow paced thrillers from the 60-70th that I hold very near and dear to my heart, but that I can't seem to be able to enjoy again. French Connection, Marathon Man, The Conversation, Taxi Driver etc. I've tried to watch them again but stopped because I couldn't get into them, as if I watched it just for an academic purpose instead of just sinking into the plot. Truly sad.

The Conversation is one of the strongest movie memories I have. Don't really know why, it's incredibly slow.

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Just play and it will feel natural in a bit, just like the close camera in Gear of War and the narrow FOV in Halo felt natural after a while... even though it's still horrible... but that's not the point. It's pretty much the mechanics of the game, to not get too much oversight.

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Kevin VanOrd is great when given a topic he's interested in, actually better than most in the GB staff. How he is when spitballing random topics from the top of his head and #crackinwise I don't know.

Edit: I'd like Tom McShea, what the hell is discussion without a little salt

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Goddamnit, I'm so alone (and so are most of you guys) But it's alright, cause of this

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I'm not worried over the future existence of the site, I'm pretty sure it will do just fine. I'm more worried that the site becomes too much like a youtube Let's Play channel.

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I was always planning on skipping all the next-gen systems unless they, somehow, swept me off the floor with the games and the functions. But instead of doing that, they went the most predictable and uninteresting direction possible. I don't even know what I want from a game console anymore.

In any case, I'm sticking to my old ass PC. It can still handle most games I'm interested in.

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Thanks guys! (My 3-1-2 example was completely random and stupid for any random hero. But I 've heard 1-2-2 Kunkka plenty of time). This clears a few things up. I guess it doesn't say anything about the order you're putting the skills, but at least I know what to prioritize before lvl 6.

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There's one thing I haven't understood in casts or coaching. When someone says (this is just a random example) "that's a common 1-2-2 Kunkka". Or, when someone says, "oh, just go 3-1-2".

What the hell does that mean? What should I skill first? What should I max first? What am I supposed to do?

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I was going to say "Hell yes, captcha, why not"... but then again, those spammers are real people making real decisions, right? Not bots.What's the point?

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That doesn't sound good at all. I usually don't care if someone gets banned on some other site, but I guess this reflects badly on GB in the end.