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Dating hentai. Because I don't feel that way.

Edit: I'm sorry, I wouldn't kill off hentai dating. It's creepy but at least sex is involved, which is good for the youth

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I'm going to say, Yes, they want to replace him.

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Full Throttle

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I really like Bloodbath. Don't think of it as a satanic band, think it of a horror band. The music and the lyrics are actually more fun than anything else

And I would recommend songs from The Haunted, Raised Fist, Entombed, Meshuggah that are more about society in general. Can't say if you would agree with the ideas though

Sorry needed to edit this a lot

Oh and there always Nile (egyptian mythology mostly)

Oh, and there's always Strapping young Lad

Listend to a better version to this. And also Devin Townsend is worthy exploration.

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My favourite moments were all the out-of-the-field articles. I didn't know I wanted to know this, but now I do and I'm happier. For example:

I'm sorry these are all pretty recent, but there are much much more. I also love every Worth Reading.

Also this was wonderful (which kinds of gives you a hint why Patrick shouldn't work at Giant Bomb)

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Dota 2.

Naw, just kidding. I'm not done with that.

All in all I think I finished about 15-20 games. After playing Gone Home for the first time this year (last year) I got way into shorter games that could be finished in one or two sittings. Tiny and Big, Steamworld Dig, Antichamber, Jacob Jones, Puzzle Agent 2, Stick it to the Man, Giana Sisters, Jazzpunk etc. But I also finished a handful of longer titles, some new and some older. Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands, Remember Me, Devil May Cry, Dragon Age: Inquistion, Dark Souls 2 etc.

It's hard to remember all

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That's funny. I kind of made a resolution last year to watch more classic movies, I was going to have a new director every month. It started nicely with Kubrick but then I stumbled for a couple of weeks and it petered out. Maybe I should try it again.

This years resolutions are more related to my social life. I need to establish better and more frequent contact with friends and family, these past months have been pretty crap in that regard.

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Oh no, this was supposed to be my happy day. Good luck with everything, Patrick. You gave this site something special.

But then again. What does it mean to leave a site? You're still there, you're still you. See you soon.

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"Podcast game" should be a category, or maybe it already is. Too bad hearing about all the major and minor complaints about Destiny, I'm still looking forward to it play some day.

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Out of the few 2014 games I played this year I guess I have to go with Dark Souls 2. Dragon Age: Inquisition looks great too but I still prefer the grittier, worn down and sometimes disturbingly creative world of Dark Souls. Maybe I would change my mind if I ran Dragon Age on a better PC, who knows.