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Ok, I'm diving into this thread now as I'm caught up. It's a lot of set-up in this season so far. Let's churn every last piece of malignant plot that could ever happen to everyone you care about... then reap the hatred? I haven't read the books so I don't really know. Maybe it gets even darker.

Tyrion and Jorah saves the season for me. And to some extent, Arya.

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I'd get a Mazda 3. Those are the ones with a timing chain? And mildly affordable with a decent engine and "some" comfort?

Edit: Too clarify. I wrote the question marks because I don't really know these days. I'm not a rich douche who gets a brand new Bentley every week ;) I bike to work :(

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@believer258: Tend to agree. Sandbox and Open World are game elements. It could be Sandbox without Open World (Besiege?). It could be Open World without Sandbox (The Witcher 3?)

Toy around vs Move around

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I got my fill with AC1, AC2 and AC: Brotherhood. I liked them back then but the Ubisoft unlock/collect/libertare cycle gets a bit thin after a while.

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@mostlysquares: Looking forward to your arguments supporting the claim that DA:I is as different from DA1 as Halo 3 is from a racing game.

Aaaand. Go.

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It's a good game. Other than the clumsy battle system and some side quests feeling like drawn out fluff it's a really fun time.

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@skullpanda1: Wonderful. Is that Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Barack Obama in a selfie at the bottom? Sweet stuff.

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@christoffer: as much as I enjoy PAX panels I don't think I want to see live audience stuff /every/ week.

I imagine if this was the route they were going for we'd be seeing a "buy a brick" promotion

Fine. No live audience then.

I don't get "buy a brick". Is that a Lego reference?

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Isn't this study just about a new type of abuse. No one here should feel targeted by the study. It's not specifically against games or porn. It's an observation that address a small portion of the population that doesn't (necessarily) fit with the old views of "abuse". But that "small" portion could suggest a future trend?

Or is Zimbardo just a creep here? haven't had the time to read every line he wrote ;)

Edit: "Masculinity" is a weird word though. "Sociability" would be better for the argument.

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I'm hoping the wing they move into has a neglected multi-story auditorium so they can start having studio audiences for UPF.

I can get behind this. A live studio audience is the spark that UPF needs.

*Imagining Thunderdome*