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Kids are second only to evil megacorporations, in terms of screwing things up for humanity.

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To be honest, I don't really know of any other GS live shows than The Lobby and Random Encounters (is that still a thing?). Furthermore, most of the GS video content kind of blends together, for me, with their snappy names and flashy logos. But of course I would get the differences if I went to the site more (but maybe I would go to the site more if it was clearer).

I really like the The Lobby. Other than that, all they need is a more loose format saying "Hey, we're doing live shit. Nevermind the theme." And they should broadcast that way better.

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I started playing Dishonered yesterday because I bought it in the summer sales and I had nothing else to play. Put 3 hours in it and, kinda surprisingly, I like it. The story is acceptable so far, if a bit rushed and clumsily executed.

"O my. The Empress is dead and her daughter kidnapped. You are standing right next to her body, clearly you killed her and kidnapped her daughter. Let's not investigate further. I'm taking power now, btw. This was very favorable for me."

I'm also trying to learn Infinite Crisis because I wanted to see if it added something new and interesting to the MOBA-genre. Only played 5 vs AI so far, to get a grasp on it, which is already way to easy (seems to be hard to make MOBA bots that aren't extremely predictable).

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Meh, I would watch a pup play Pokemon, but not a fish. I think I draw the line at legged amphibious creatures.

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I'm trying to force myself through Kingdoms of Amalur now. The writing isn't necessarily bad, but coming to it just weeks after finishing the Souls-games, it feels like the most plain and generic vanilla RPG I've seen in a long time. There's no personality and no mood. Just stacks of fantasy nonsense names and places to give the illusion of a rich world. And most dialogue trees feel like browsing a encyclopedia.

And there are monsters called Brownies. Yes, a zoologist in this universe named a species Brownies.

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I'm kind of surprised that they haven't done anything about the use of copyrighted music on Twitch before. People who make a living as streamers can just blatantly run entire playlists of music that production companies would have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to license.

Don't get me wrong, I will miss the music in the streams I follow if they ever get rid of it. But it have always been a "wait, what, you can legally do that?" -detail on Twitch, for me. And the answer is, you can't, I guess.

The archiving stuff wont affect me in any way but I hope the Speedsters will find a way around it. Couldn't they just pull the VODs and put it up somewhere else?

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The Grand Budapest Hotel


It's incredibly charming, creative and beautiful, and Ralph Fiennes is just fun to watch in every scene he's in. My only problems are Wes Anderson's signature whimsy that gets too ham-fisted and self-conscious every now and then, and that the rest of the main actors aren't that convincing in some scenes.

But it's still incredibly enjoyable and the story ended up hitting a sentimental nerve, which made the movie even more memorable.

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Well, now I'm trying to learn LoL. I've been playing Dota for so long I forgot what a chore it is to learn a MOBA. It's almost like learning a new language. Learn all the rules, then learn all the exceptions. Study all the words and skills all the time, cause if you stop you start to forget it.

Thanks! Still a nice blog, duder.

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Sure, classic rock will keep expanding and change all the time. I guess there's some kind of outer borders that define it but I couldn't really tell what they are. Maybe you're not "Classic rock" if you're darker than Lamb of God, synthier than Pet Shop Boys or twangier than Kenny Rogers. But I don't know.