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I'm playing through it right now for the first time (on PC). I'm about 10 hours in, think I'm near the end. I like the mood and the gameplay a lot, and some of the characters are great. I have had a few problems with the execution of the story though. But nothing that ruins the game.

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That's funny. I cleared out both Bulletstorm and Brutal Legend from my backlog this year. But, if I remember correctly, I bought them cheap in the last winter sales so I wasn't procrastinating for that long.

On top of having a few half-baked features, Brutal Legend hasn't aged very well in general. But it was in development for a long time so I shouldn't really be surprised that the combat feels like a janky God of War -clone, guess that was the hot business back then.

Edit: And I guess Jack Black's metal revival -schtick was hot also.

I can't really remember anything from Bulletstorm. Style points and rail segments. That's all.

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Yeah. "Noob", "retard" and "uninstall" are pretty baseline insults in multiplayer games these days, sadly. I've experienced way more elaborate and psychopathic flaming in Mobas. The kinds that make it seem as the person didn't do anything in the game but to watch you and take notes, so he can make a profanity filled shit flinging rant-fest later on.

Truly unsettling.

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This is awful news. He's one of those actors I basically grew up with and still love to watch for some good old nostalgia.

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Oh, I just realized how this is a huge bummer. Most streamers I follow don't seem to care about their archives (yet they still archive the stream?) so they continue to play music as usual. Well, most of the American streamers I follow, it was fun while it lasted. Bye.

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Gamespot and Giant Bomb merge, the new Kane and Lynch comes out, Jeff reviews it, gets fired and the cycle starts again.

If they called that game Kane and Lynch: Infinite, that would be great.

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Kids are second only to evil megacorporations, in terms of screwing things up for humanity.

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To be honest, I don't really know of any other GS live shows than The Lobby and Random Encounters (is that still a thing?). Furthermore, most of the GS video content kind of blends together, for me, with their snappy names and flashy logos. But of course I would get the differences if I went to the site more (but maybe I would go to the site more if it was clearer).

I really like the The Lobby. Other than that, all they need is a more loose format saying "Hey, we're doing live shit. Nevermind the theme." And they should broadcast that way better.

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I started playing Dishonered yesterday because I bought it in the summer sales and I had nothing else to play. Put 3 hours in it and, kinda surprisingly, I like it. The story is acceptable so far, if a bit rushed and clumsily executed.

"O my. The Empress is dead and her daughter kidnapped. You are standing right next to her body, clearly you killed her and kidnapped her daughter. Let's not investigate further. I'm taking power now, btw. This was very favorable for me."

I'm also trying to learn Infinite Crisis because I wanted to see if it added something new and interesting to the MOBA-genre. Only played 5 vs AI so far, to get a grasp on it, which is already way to easy (seems to be hard to make MOBA bots that aren't extremely predictable).

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Meh, I would watch a pup play Pokemon, but not a fish. I think I draw the line at legged amphibious creatures.