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$44 Million

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Some MMOs make a lot of money being F2P, as I understand it. So it isn't necessarily a failure if ESO would go that route. In fact, grab subscription money from early adopters for as long as you can, and when the income is windling down as they get bored, open it up for everyone else and turn on the microtransactions. Seems like a pretty solid plan to me.

I would give it two years before its F2P. A wild guess. Maybe a while after a big expansion.

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Ouch, that's not only a lot of games but a lot of hours in some of those games. I haven't play all of them but I think I would start with Mass Effect. Maybe it's because I hunger for an rpg myself.

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Hearthstone. Maybe I could learn the game along with him.

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Strangely enough I like Brad a lot when he's guesting other podcasts and shows. But around the GB crew he seems a bit too comfortable. This whole sleepy Brad thing gets on my nerve. As well as the sudden mic clipping shouts. From a content perspective, it's not really my thing.

But he's one of the better writers and, as I said, when he's enthusiastic and has his head in the conversation, he's phenomenal.

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It was on a school trip to Prague when some of my class friends decided to get me drunk at the hotel. Sounds like bullying, i know, but it was more of a friendly prank which lasted about 20 minutes until everyone one was just as drunk. Our teacher wasn't all that happy, but before teaching he used to work with teens with much worse problems, so he dealt with it pretty great.

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I think it's about what a "financially stable" guy reflects more than the money itself. Self-control, maturity, security, discipline. And those things are "sexy" qualities, yes. Even for a woman, imo.

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Damn surrealists, get off my lawn.

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This was a nice read. Some people backing projects on Kickstarter do seem to have their head in the clouds. Oh, you think the laws of economics doesn't apply just because it wouldn't be fair and you will get bummed? I'm sorry, Oculus would sell out to Brazzers if they paid enough (which would be much more useful).

I'm still not sold on VR so I have no strong feelings one way or the other concerning the buyout.