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That's a shame. It seemed interesting from the little I played of it and I liked to sometimes check in on the developers stream where they talked about the game. Sadly, I don't have the time to invest in another Moba. I prefered Dota over LoL so I stuck with that. It will take a whole lot of convincing before I switch to a different Moba.

And I don't really like the idea of runes, gems, artifacts, amplifiers and ability/skill trees outside the matches. Sure, most multiplayer games have some sort of progression aspect to them these days. But I just don't like it in Mobas for some reason.

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I'd say go for Dark Souls first. I could never had imagined I would come to love the Souls games as much as I did. They came as a huge surprise for me.

Saying they seem difficult for the sake of being difficult isn't really fair. Harder games are so because they are supposed to (if they aren't broken games). The Souls games are designed to be a challenge and demands you to measure most actions you take. If you have the patience to do so, you wont find it too punishing and I think you will have a good time.

But it isn't just about the difficulty, they are also pretty awesome games in general. There's a certain bleak and moody post-apocalyptic atmosphere that you don't get in a lot of fantasy games.

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@verysexypotato: Well, those looks like pretty good references to start out with. In the end it's always a lot of experimenting and tweaking but I think you'll get the hang of it quickly. It was years ago I actually learned anything about streaming so I don't know if the process is much more streamlined these days, so I can't give you any better references myself.

I recently read that Newtek will release a Tricaster Mini soon. Probably because of the high demand of professional, affordable and easy live-streaming. Still about $7000 though ;)

But I think you're good with a dual-PC setup for a while. Sorry I can't help you more

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Putting out a stream mostly puts pressure on the CPU (and your internet upload of course). Getting a seperate device to deal with the streaming is common and recommended, I think.

Like the Avermedia Live Gamer HD, for example. But there's a ton of alternatives.

Note: A capture card doesn't fully take the load off your PC, though. So a lot of people have dedicated PC's to deal with the stream. Which is even more recommended, but not necessary.

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As much as I disliked Hack 'n' Slash, the music was kind of great

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I like Jason, he a great guy and I'd like to hear him on the Bombcast. As for most people that are new to broadcasting themselves, he needs to grow into the "here I am, now I'm talking, I'm saying good stuff" -role.

But then again, I don't know if he even wants to be that. And I would like to hear more Rorie, and Danny, and Mary. So maybe leave that fifth chair open.

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How about any puzzle or problem solving game in general? Layton, Puzzle Agent, The Room, Picross 3D, Phoenix Wright, Myst, Portal. And how about the recent adventure games from Telltale?

As of Co-op... hmm. Ilomilo?

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I also got Spacebase for free recently for owning Hack 'n' Slash. I was looking forward to Spacebase and was going to buy it, until I heard it was pretty broken, lacking and generally unfinished. Which is sad, because I think Hack 'n' Slash isn't much more than a good idea either. Double Fine should re-think the Amnesia Fortnight method a bit, or scrap it, in my opinion. (Sorry, off-topic)

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@oscar__explosion said:

@frostyryan: Not just pause, but skipping cutscenes is something every game needs. It's kinda hard playing Final Fantasy X, watching a cut scene, getting a game over for whatever reason, then being forced to watch it all over again.

Final Fantasy X is more than a 10 year old game though. Yeah the HD version should have let you skip scenes but right off the top of my head, I can't think of a recent game that doesn't at least let you skip...

Actually, I recently played through Enslaved on PC and it doesn't let me skip cutscenes. This is really frustrating when I quit after starting a new chapter, I must re-watch the entire intro when I come back to the game. Or if I fail some some bosses, I must go through the cutscene again.

Given, Enslaved isn't THAT new either. But I think there's a couple games here and there that doesn't let you skip, still.