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I would recommend trying out the grip of the mouse first. I played alot with the G9x (as mentioned earlier in the thread). It's a good mouse, don't get me wrong, but that low stubby type of body doesn't suite me at all. I realized I wanted a bulkier, and simpler model, so I went with Steelseries Kana. Love it.

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Once me and my sisters became independent adults with our own disposable income we did the old gift colaboration deal. We don't accept gift from our parents but we put in money to buy them something, a bit more expensive, that they want (products, services, travels whatevers) Cause it's not like they have everything becuase they're older, it's just that they don't need more cheap crap.

So that's my suggestion. But also fancier food, wine, whiskey, coffee, cheese, chocolate might work. Personally I love to taste stuff I've never heard of before. Even if it's horrible, it's at least an experience.

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I'm certain the rising popularity of Twitch forces sites to reconcider some of their content. That might be a good thing. But I don't think Twitch will ever replace the (hopefully) more in-depth and informed coverage of a professional outlet.

I usually watch streams of games I'm already into, such as Path of Exile and Dota. And if I want to know something about new or upcoming games, it's still Giant Bomb or Gamespot.

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It's one of the best games of its generation but people still think it's too grindy. And I agree. But at this point, I hope no one wonders what happened to JRPGs. 3-5 hour segments of mindnumbing filler happened to JRPGs.

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Nope, I can't say that I do. I do get incredibly lazy some times when I have to meet people I don't really care to know.

pretty much the same with me now. Sometime it's exhausting in a group of people. I just don't care, and they have the dumbest shit to talk about. Sure man, tell me more about your boring ass job and semi-feral spoiled children.

anxiety, nah, not anymore. more just boredom and general apathy. It's still nice meeting genuinely nice people, maybe who like to exchange filthy jokes or talk about common interests. It just seems so many people only have kids + work going on in their lives and that's it.

That's pretty much me right there. I like my small close-knit group of friends and I usually become bored and restless when socializing with new people. But I know it's my own fault since I believe most people have interesting things to say once you get to know them better. There's no way anyone actually wants to discuss kids, work, weather and mortgages.

But I also realize I'm part of the problem here. People get anxious because they fear to be thought of as boring, unfunny, uninteresting, stiff and awkward. And here I am, thinking exactly that about people I don't really know. I'm the worst.

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Something seems to attract Dota people to PoE, must be the crazy depths or something (personally I love both games). It's the first dungeon crawler that have gotten me really invested in different skill/item builds rather than just grinding with the same character over and over. Trying out new stuff with the skill tree and the different combos of skill gems is quite addictive. So I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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I'm looking forward to Half-Life 3. You remember Half-Life? No? Well I do and I think it was a pretty neat series.

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I remember that the anticipation for Episode 1 was electric. People I know, who didn't even care that much about Star Wars, were asking around for bootleg VHS copies before the release (which was a bigger deal in 1999). I'm not in the right age to judge if Episode 7 is as big, but I find it hard to believe.

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Nope, it sounded more like a failed editing experiment than a good movie. And my backlog of movies is already cramped.

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Sweet snacks are for jerks.

Naw, I'm honestly venture into both worlds but I usually prefer a salty treat. Mostly chips, nuts, popcorn and the likes.