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Yeah, around 25 hours sounds about right for me aswell. I don't mind a 25 hour RPG, however, I remember that the end of Witcher 2 felt a bit cut short for some reason. Something about the pacing was wrong in comparison to the rest of the game.

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I have a hard time coming up with games I actually played through multiple times. But I think Diablo 3 is one of the longer ones. I usually intend to play games more than once but I always lose interest in the second run through and quit.

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Thumbs up guys. Now that Jeff mentions it, why isn't there one ninja hero?

Probably because there wasn't a ninja unit in WC3, to be honest.

I'd say Gondar (Bounty Hunter) is about as close to a ninja as you might expect. He's able to turn invisible, tosses a bloody shuriken, directs a single strong blow to the enemy, spies on the enemy using his track. He's a rat-ninja, through and through.

What about Templar Assassin? Except for actually being called a ninja, she's as much ninja as you can get. Invisibility, blades, psionic manipulations, face mask, she has it all.

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No I don't think they will become the next Dahmer, still, I think they should wait until they are reasonably mature and rational before they play those kinds of game. The kid in the video is clearly not that. But I think it's when they try to emulate the language and the attitude that make those kids insufferable, the violence is not the problem. Off course, it's all case to case and is really up to the parents to decide.

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I will buy it on PC when it's considerably cheaper. I am not in the mood for an open world game at the moment no matter how good it is. Still think it will be great, though.

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Sweet, I will try to remember this. Also, I don't think Rincewind and Fattony have the right donate and stream links.

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I would like to see some Tekken and Disgaea on PC. And I wouldn't complain if some JRPGs got ported, Persona maybe. These are the only games I sometimes miss from my console days.

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I can find plenty Flash games featuring reproductive organs.

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I had a really good time playing Team Fortress 2 and Mass Effect 3 multiplayer with some beers. In other words. Kind of casual, low risk but fairly chaotic multiplayer with friends and some drinks makes for a fun time.

But I then got deep into Diablo 3 hardcore, Path of Exile hardcore and later Dota which are immensely less fun under the influence.

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My graphics card isn't prepared, and my wallet isn't prepared for a new graphics card. All in all, preparation's going poorly.