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By the way. Having the streams in the giant bomb chat was a great idea. A much more interactive and pleasant experience than 135 000 people spamming kappa faces. If it's not a huge undertaking I would like to see more of that stuff when the chat isn't used in any other way.

Made the TI3 even more fun to watch.

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Supposedly, this is how close Dendi was to TP'ing home:

Yeah, pretty sweet timing on that coil.

I still get the feeling Navi were further away from winning than a couple of tp cancels. The damage was already huge and even if they came back to defend, then what?

(Not implying you're saying otherwise, just venting) Cool image though.

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Off course you can criticize older games. But it's pretty reasonable to keep in mind that most of the norms we have today probably wasn't invented when the game came out. Still, the sole purpose of a game is to entertain you, isn't it, no matter how old it is. I'd say Burnout 3 and Mega Man 2 does a better job with that than many modern games.

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It is my firm belief that everyone can sing except mutes. Sorry mutes.

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@subjugation: @ben_h: Thanks. I'll be sure to check out some of his videos.

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Bradley "rudds" Shoemaker.

I've watched a few of the Daily Dota videos, but it's sort of hard to follow, as a new player, without much context as to why Brad is doing a certain thing. Plus he totally blew out my speakers in the newest one when he screamed BLACK HOLE incredibly fucking loud. So thanks, Brad.

Honestly, watching Brad's videos are a great way to learn the game. It's really difficult to watch some of the "how to be good at DOTA" videos by pros like Purge. These guys are at such a high tier that when they show off simple concepts like last hitting or jungling, it's shown off at their level and looks perfect. When you attempt it, it's an abysmal failure.

Even though Brad doesn't explain what he's doing in the Daily DOTA very often, you're seeing someone who's not perfect. It's kind of like learning a game together with someone. I've actually gotten into DOTA a little bit because of Brad, because I feel like this is something that a human being can accomplish.

I wouldn't entirely agree on this. Some would call Purge a knowledgeable mid-level player. Although I wouldn't say anything about that I think he keeps the "crazy" stuff pretty low. He is a pretty "by the books" player (by design, I would think since he makes guides) and great to watch if you're a beginner. But seeing Brad struggling could be a way to learn to, I guess (if nothing else, it's fun). All in all, if you've done the tutorial, played some bots, it's not wrong to dive into a Purge guide.

But for the love of god, don't load up an Alliance vs Navi match and think you could learn from that.

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If you don't want to be alone I'd say follow some of the advice in most answers to your post. It's good advice and not out of anyones reach. If the problem is that most of the time, you actually WANT to be alone, well you and me are in the same boat. But I wont assume that.

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It'll come back. No worries. Give it some time

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A lot of games have bored me to tears through the years. But I bet you want something controversial. How about Dust? Clunky self-serious story, huge chunks of the mechanics that you could just skip, poorly designed metroidvania levels. Boring as hell.

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This is absolutely horrible. My condolences to his family, friends and co-workers. Support eachother the best you can and stay strong.

I'll miss you, Ryan Davis. I'll miss you a lot.

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@connerthekewlkid: So is there anything at stake at the end of this? Will someone actually get the "land" or are they just destroying each others ships (I would think that's a pretty huge deal, though, as I understand it)

Edit: btw I find it quite fascinating to watch