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Pineapple Express


First time I've seen it. It was nothing like I expected it to be. Really funny movie though, especially on a lazy sunday afternoon.

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Math: The language of the universe and GOTY-lists with Gone Home in second place for some reason

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I don't think the site need more regular shows. Most of them have proven to get a bit stale after a while. Even Unprofessional Fridays seems to need a vitamin injection soon. So I merely suggests more random content with more random people at more random times. But I guess it's harder to market irregular content, like that, to a wider audience, I dunno.

And more screen time for Rorie, please.

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1. Be a bit more like Brad Muir :D

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Man, that was a great laugh. Thanks for that. Here's hoping we get more of this bonafide shenanigans in 2014.

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Definitely gameplay. If I don't care about the gameplay I don't care about the story. Even if it's the greatest story ever told in a video game, if it's broken up by hours upon hours of tedious chores, I don't care about it.

This goes for all works of fiction in any medium though. I wouldn't finish a book that made me watch paint dry for 2 hours in between chapters.

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I think the incentive, among most honest developers, is to put out a finished product with a certain kind of polish. If you aim to trick people and make a quick cash grab you will most likely not be a long-lived developer.

That said, I'm not buying into early access (except from some bad expections in the past). Even if they have the best intentions, anything can still happen during development that result in a bad or unfinished game.

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Even if I've only played two games from Brad's list, it's the one closest to mine. Because I could probably not have a list without Dota 2 on top. And I love Rogue Legacy.

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They should just do it like Battlefield. Once you get out of the zone you have a few seconds to go back, else you die. They can probably weave that into the story somehow.

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There's a lot of stuff going on around Christmas for me, but I don't celebrate it so I have no gifts to show. However, when I had some friends over the other day they dropped off a shitload of candy for some reason. I accept it as a loving gift in its own way.