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Am I the only one who think it depends on the game?

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I will try to finish Sacrifice, and "Iron Brigade"... that's it for me

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Don't give me false hope.

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I've been struggling with that myself (well, most people I guess). Whatever happens to me and whatever I acquire, positive or negative, the hedonic treadmill pulls me back to normal soon after leaving me with that "well, now what?" -feeling. I guess you have to work on improving that status quo mindset when nothing is really going on, that's the most part of your life. My normal mode right now is: content. Which I think is pretty good, but it's certainly not euforic.

I have no suggestions on how to convince these people. Maybe they need to slam their heads at the same "solution" until they understand that they need something more long term (good health, trustworthy people around, a sense of identity and belonging, I dunno)... but that would be pretty weak therapeutic advice.

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I used to wonder this myself. But then I realized what my own work probably looks like from the outside. It's seemingly basic and easy to describe. But in reallity... not so much.

3-4 hours per day is mailing people back and forth. A single decision must go through a lot of people. There's a problem with an earlier decision and the same people must be informed and a new one must be made. Do what I'm supposed to do but something is broken or missing. The phone keeps ringing. Rinse and repeat.

Some days are pretty relaxed, but most days are juggling projects, people, time and money. I think it's something like that for a GB editor.

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I think they will quietly eat some pizza they've ordered and then go home.

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Dice and Mice sounds good. Anything with "geek" in the title sounds terrible, sorry.

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