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Demo Derby should probably be mentioned. Really starting to love that show.

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I've only played a few 2015 games so far but I really like Pillars of Eternity. I have a feeling I will play it for a long long time.

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Formal suit, vest and a fedora can look pretty sharp on some people. But with casual wear? Naw. Not my thing.

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@jrm: I think I'll wait for Persona 5 and reassess the situation then. Those are the only two I would label potential "must play" -games. And I know there's a bunch of good games on both systems, I'm just waiting to be convinced a little bit more. Until then my PC will have to do.

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I am tempted. But I swore to never buy another console since I usually play 2-3 games I like then they serve only to collect dust. Unless they release 7-10 games I must play on the PS4 I probably wont get it.

Also, I have no TV. Plenty of other screen devices though.

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@mb: Looks interesting. I've been looking too much at and that's wrong. Especially in my price range.

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Ok, so I'm giving away my AKG K272 which I got a while back. So much comfort and so much audio honesty.

So now I need some headphone recommendations. $150-$250 range (studio quality headphones. No bullshit headphones)

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@ripelivejam said:

A four year old forum thread.

That's not a safe place. There will be pirates there. And people who just wont give a shit anymore.

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On a luxurious sailing boat. Fish for food and scavenge safe places.

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Watch it your phone.