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In terms of recognisable and different enough characters, I think Dead Island is the worst. But I vote The Witcher because that sounds like a bad idea.

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I look for texts and books but I rarely read any of the longer texts. I tried in the beginning but it just wasn't interesting at all.

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I don't know about this one. The thing I remember from the original is people getting extremely excited about dinosaurs for a while at school (the actual research about dinosaurs, that is). Having some mutated biological experiment as the heart of the conflict, seems to be less... science. But I could be wrong, maybe the young audience will rally behind the "real" dinos in this one, and disregard the human fiddling with nature, I'd like that.

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Yannis Mallat is an awesome name, but I'm not sure about this. Seems too much of an "just put it out, we'll deal with it later". And here they are, dealing with it.

Or am I a pessimist?

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After being spoon fed Anime for months, Dan will become the new GB Anime Editor.

The Division will have a bunch of interesting ideas and look amazing, but people will find it boring.

Double Fine, Harmonix and Iron Galaxy will merge and create a new superstudio to make Psychonauts 2. And it will be the best game.

GBeast will hire a new person to work in front and behind the cameras, possibly Storage Room Guy or Lady (as seen in the office tour video).

Overwatch will be called a Team Fortress rip-off. But because it's Blizzard it will become huge and make TF2 servers sad and deserted.

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You did the right thing kiddo.

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A healthy alternative to sugar and salt that also cures you of any neurological disorder and gives you a fresh breath.

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I agree. I played it all day yesterday and instead of getting used to the controls it got more and more frustrating. That wind-up on the sprint is a damn nightmare when you want to loot and harvest a bunch of stuff in a tight area.

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Neat, Maniac Mansion was great, but I think I'll wait for the reviews on this one.

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Well, I haven't been playing a lot of 2014 games. The only thing I could think of that would match a tiny bit is Dark Souls 2. I really thought I would spend more time with it but I burned out early on in my second playthrough. I still like the game though, but, maybe I was a slightly disappointed.

But I guess that's what most reviewers and players are saying, also.