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Yes, anyone could be a comedian, and Jeff could even be a good one with some practice and research. He's already a funny and witty guy, he knows his audience, and he can turn bad jokes into something unexpected.

Not that I think he should become a comedian, though.

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Well, this is a pretty bummer topic. But I guess my picks are Mark of the Ninja (good mechanics, but lost the focus and became another stealth game) and Icewind Dale (loved Baldurs Gate, this was just pause based dungeon crawling with a decent story)

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Pretty awesome stuff. The details in the "tear floods" are amazing (though I failed to see any deeper meaning in them other than video games, violence and some sort of putrid ooze. Do you hate video games?)

The artwork is great, but maybe the constellation needs something extra. I dunno, you're the artist.

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I have periods when I play little to no games, but I always come back to them sooner or later. For me it's one of the best ways to unwind and break away from my otherwise pretty hectic workweek. During those sacred 1-2 hours per day I don't want to do anything better with my time.

But I guess it's healthy to change up your hobbies ever now and then.

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No reason to not suspect anything but natural, or terrestrial, causes, sounds can behave in the strangest ways. But, yeah, would something like that happen to me, I would be freaked out aswell.

Edit: also, inform the police. Something serious could've happened and they might need to know about that observation

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Children of Men is worth mentioning.

Edit: And it was. Now it's mentioned again.

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I don't have anxieties or depression and can't imagine how difficult it is to go through in the first place. And then, on top of that, to be a public figure who's being watched and read every day by thousands of people. I don't know if that actually helps you, in some way, or if it makes the situation much worse. But I know Alex is doing a hell of a job on the site and is still the best writer on staff, in my opinion. Plus, he's a great and funny guy.

I really hope you can fully get rid of the issues, Alex.

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I'm almost at the same turning point as you, but in Dota 2. People keep telling me to not care so much about it and just do my best in the match. But that implies that I should get cold and jaded enough to not see other players as people. And I don't want to be that person. I'm playing multiplayer, I WANT to talk to other people. Just not that kind of people.

Guess the only solution is to find a group of people to play with (that are playing at the same hours at the same skill level)

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I try to finish every game I start. Not finishing them makes me hot and bothered.

But I guess there's some games even I can't finish, so my vote is "sometimes".