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I have a tendency to start a lot of MMO's but never explore anything beyond mid game. I did this with WoW and Guild Wars back in the days and I've made countless characters over countless games since then, both subscription and f2p games.

I must've racked up at least 2000-3000 hours of MMO's over the years without experiencing any end game content.

I guess that's my "gaming shame"? Or maybe it's just weird.

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Well, years ago when Giant Bomb was in a basement with Whiskey Media they talked on the podcast about who would take what role in a post-apocalyptic scenario (assuming the world would go to shit as they were all in the office). Obviously it's kind of a different crew now, but it's always fun to explore people going through the apocalypse.

Think it was zombies, but I can't remember.

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I will probably end up buying my way in to the game. I'm too curious to wait and, whatever, it's $39.99 for a game I will probably play a lot. I can't even get outraged about it. It will still be a free-to-play game for those who are willing to wait.

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I agree that it feels a bit stale sometimes. I mean, for a show that, presumably, is supposed to celebrate friday and the coming weekend with some unprofessional shenanigans. But I also know this discussion comes up from time to time so it's nothing new. Suddenly, they have a few weeks in a row when the show is amazing, and I'm happy again.

But yeah, maybe the format should be loosened up a little.

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Friday: So far, a bad evening (I'm EU) due to poor Dota 2 performance and this damned French Cider. You weren't supposed to hit me that hard.

Saturday: Hopefully an art installation in a local small town exhibition hall. Urr, think it's about the memory of the Holocaust, or mid life crisis. Sorry, french cider.

Sunday: Laundry and cleaning

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I think I was around 110-120 hours when I finished the game, and I didn't even do all the side content. I started out playing it pretty thoroughly but the payoff just wasn't there most of the time.

What probably added 20-30 hours for me was not paying enough attention to the crafting and skilltrees in the beginning which made the game kick my ass later on (I was playing on Hard. Which admittedly isn't that hard). So I decided to fiddle around with different line-ups, gears, armors and specs for every character. I had so much fun with that stuff that the hours kind of flew away.

And, yeah, then the game wasn't that hard all of a sudden. But it was well worth my money. Even though the combat system was pretty bad.

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Being a good writer, and expressing your opinion, are always useful skills, whatever you end up doing. So go for it.

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Yeah, the combat was a disappointment to say the least. When I first tried tactical view I was absolutely certain I did something wrong. But nope, it's just ass. I played with M/KB and only used the tactical view to aim certain AOE spells, or to pause and que up some movements when the AI decided to walk Varric up in the face of the enemies.

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I think it was well done. Dorian's story is focused on his sexuality mainly because it's a big deal to his family and the society he comes from, and because of that, to him. It's a story of being the black sheep and trying to find peace and acceptance in that.

Maybe it's a bit too heavy handed. But that's like saying "Hey, I'm a straight man and I don't make a big deal about it". Because of society it IS a bigger deal. Whether he likes it or not, he's an outlier, and identifies as such.

But hey, what do I know.

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A personality driven gaming site could never be Giant Bomb. Because it's personality driven and it's not Giant Bomb personalities.

Good luck, Kinda Funny.