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I think my reasons for coming here is quite unique. See, I followed Jeff and Ryan way before they started Giant Bomb. They used to work at a site called Gamespot with some of the members that later came to join this site.

So, quite unique perspective there.

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There's three 2 hour long Quick Looks of The Vault of Glass, though, not good enough for ya?

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No, I rarely worry about diseases, for some reason. I didn't worry about the swine flu or the bird flu before that and it's the same with Ebola (I know it's a bit different, but anyways).

I tend to worry more about the threat of war and terrorist attacks... cause against the stupidity of humans, there's no immunology

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Nope, I don't purchase a lot of games these days. And the few games I purchase I know I want to play, with or without a good score.

Yes, I can purchase a game just because of the developers history and an interesting premise. And sometimes it falls flat (like most recently Hack 'n' Slash), but I'll take it.

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@shockd said:

Techies are awesome.

>Enemy chooses Techies

>buy gem


>you play 5v4 now

A good Techies is a goddamned mad man though, you can never predict those people. If you don't walk into their mines, they kill your towers like crazy.

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Sit her down one day and go through a bunch of games, Quick Look style. It's hard to know anyones preferences if you, or even themself, don't have anything to go on.

Data, data, data. You cannot make bricks without clay.

Edit: I would advice not to put any game past her though, fearing it would be too difficult. I've seen people fall in love with Dark Souls that shouldn't have any business even considering that game. Difficulty is part of the charm for some people.

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22 Jump Street


It's been a long time since I've seen a comedy and I was in the best mood for something completely stupid, so take my score with a grain of salt. I can acknowledge that this wasn't the greatest comedy ever written but it made me shuckle most of the way through thanks to the actors.

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I can get happy listening to some super sticky mainstream 80's pop. Huey Lewis, Rick Astley, Belinda Carlisle, Bonnie Tyler, Duran Duran, Cheap Trick.

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Pretty neat surprise. "White wine with games journalists" should be a feature on the site.

Well, maybe not on this site, but A site.

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@johncallahan said:
@christoffer said:

I think it will be between Shadow of Mordor, Wolfenstein, Dark Souls 2, Destiny maybe... I dunno

Did anyone on the staff like Dark Souls 2? I only recall Patrick and Vinny playing it and I remember them both being kinda luke-warm on it at best.

Yeah, they were pretty lukewarm on DS2, I was mostly fishing for games to list. This whole year have been lukewarm in terms of great games.