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Wish I could help you. But I live in Sweden, 95% of books released here are crime mysteries, and I fucking hate it and I stay away from it. My loss

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Wonderful talk. More talks please, and more people involved.

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I'm visiting three politically different news sites about every hour (I'm a news nerd). And then I visit some sites about economics news... sometimes

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@ripelivejam: Is that an farenheit 451 reference? Reading it for the first time right now... sorry if I seem totaly crazy

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@notnert427: I was just gonna say that about my hometown!! Maybe we're not that happy with where we live, simple as that (actually it's not simple at all)

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Always been afraid to click on this thread. How's the spoiler manners (beyond the current episode that is)?

Anyways, Joffrey didn't suffer enough. And Cersei can actually feel something? Hands down the most interesting character in the show right now, for me. Hate her, love her, understand her, disbelieve her. Yup, she's a weird one.

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Beautiful *clap clap*... and true

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I just checked my current speed. 38.60 mbit down and 9.74 mbit up and I pay about $50 a month. i just got fiber installed in my apartment so I will soon change to that, faster and cheaper. I live in sweden.

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The podcast mail segment is now all about spiteful anger and hatred between people and countries, but in an educational way.

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@gaminginpublic: Yeah, well he stepped back from the public spotlight a while ago. So, you win... I guess.