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Oh no, this was supposed to be my happy day. Good luck with everything, Patrick. You gave this site something special.

But then again. What does it mean to leave a site? You're still there, you're still you. See you soon.

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"Podcast game" should be a category, or maybe it already is. Too bad hearing about all the major and minor complaints about Destiny, I'm still looking forward to it play some day.

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Out of the few 2014 games I played this year I guess I have to go with Dark Souls 2. Dragon Age: Inquisition looks great too but I still prefer the grittier, worn down and sometimes disturbingly creative world of Dark Souls. Maybe I would change my mind if I ran Dragon Age on a better PC, who knows.

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Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn is the best RPG I've ever played. Everything holds up except the graphics.

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This is Meriam. I wanted a thick jaw and stern eyes. The rest is accidental. And yes, the man in the background is my loved one.

Here's another one. Gees, I'm in love with Tilda Swinton, Ain't I? (Sorry about the poor jpeg quality)

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I played through DMC, Enslaved, Borderlands (1) and Brütal Legend this year, does that count? I also tried Overlord 2 but eff that game.

Also Tiny and Big because I heard the music was great. It was and the game was awesome.

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Shit, I might just play this over the holidays.

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I downloaded a game called Dota 2, it's free, will try it out for a bit during the holidays. I've only spent 1670 hours on it so far, but it seems cool.

Also, after Dragon Age, I'm dying to play something smaller, possibly Shovel Knight, Electric Super Joy or Trine 2, possibly all three.

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Not a stupid question at all.

I mostly stick to the old trinity of Damage, Tank and Healer when I compose a party. What character/class has the abillity to put out the most damage in the shortest amount of time? Who's the best to soak up damage and grab all the attention? Who will stay behind and heal/shield/buff people.

It's all about the numbers. But I'm sure other people have better strategies.

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I got interested in this game after GB did that Avalon board game video, somehow they sounded kind of similar. Some people get their own dubious tasks and tries to bluff and fake out the rest of the players. The rest tries to find them.

Never got around to play this, though. Is this similar to Avalon in any way, or was I wrong about that?