NRA. When the scapegoat does the scapegoating.

I think Americans should be able to carry firearms, should the type of firearms available to use be limited? Thats up for debate, and I'm no expert in gun control so my opinion is not the definitive answer. I see both sides, weapons such as assault rifles can do a lot of damage and what purpose do they serve except to kill lots of people? A gun enthusiast will tell you shooting them is FUN, they enjoy shooting and collecting them and feel they have the right to purchase them for at least that purpose. The NRA takes pride in supporting the gun owners and speaks out when guns get a bad rap, especially after tragedies involving guns. I expect the president of such an organization to make poignant and intelligent debates regarding this issue, taking the responsibility to not only admit there is a problem, but give answers and actions that fairly address both sides. Instead, NRA President Wayne LaPierre chose to deflect the finger pointing in another direction by calling out other forms of entertainment as the problem; violent movies and video games.

Now video games are something I DO consider myself an expert at. I've been playing them since the 70's and have been a hobbiest since the 80's. I was a gamer before they were called gamers. I've played the most violent games the digital medium has to offer for a good long part of my life. I wouldn't hurt a fly. Seriously, I capture bugs in my house and bring them outside. I deflect potentially violent real life situations with humor and wit instead of brute force. If I carried a gun, you'd probably never know it.

That being said, I'm not about to spout off about how video games are completely innocent from corrupting young minds, but I'm also not about to redirect the finger pointing to the NRA either. Both these issues are about EDUCATION. Give an angry unstable moron a gun, he will hurt someone. Let an unloved troubled child raised by a game console, he will be desensitized and lack empathy.

I think for the President of the NRA to handle the scapegoat storm he is currently handling by picking another scapegoat to take the heat is LAME. He has a responsibility to make Americans look better than just a bunch of Yosemite Sam's root'n toot'n and shoot'n their way across the country and he is FAILING.


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