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Got my Day 9 today. Turns out it was delivered to the wrong address and re-routed back to my house. I laugh because the envelope has 9 voluptuous dancing women on it and I can only wonder what the original recipient thought my mail was.

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Out of curiosity did everyone receive 3 pieces of coal?

Indeed I did.

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Quick question: Is anyone else missing one or more "gifts?" I still havent gotten day 9. Im in the US and got all the other ones.

Me too, same day. West coaster, US here.

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I don't think I'm going to get 8-10. Nothing in the mail-- I'm scared that they may have been lost :(

I haven't received 8-10 either. Maybe it's common for those to be slower than the rest?

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Okay. Just got Day 1 and Day 3 today. Still waiting on my coal. (never thought I'd say that around Christmas)

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Any West Coasters get theirs? Specifically Bay Area, CA.

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Reusable filter and makes however much coffee you want (as long as you don't overfill the water reservoir). The one in our house has been going strong for 15+ years and my mom still uses it for her daily coffee. The only poor thing I can say about it is that the little plastic handle you use to get the filter out broke off like a year ago.

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Also still waiting on my Holiday Bullshit. I figured I owed them after I got last holiday's expansion for free.

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Did they really have to make an announcement for this? It's sad that this isn't a fucking given.

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Bay Area-ian here:

Jackie Channel