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Any West Coasters get theirs? Specifically Bay Area, CA.

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Reusable filter and makes however much coffee you want (as long as you don't overfill the water reservoir). The one in our house has been going strong for 15+ years and my mom still uses it for her daily coffee. The only poor thing I can say about it is that the little plastic handle you use to get the filter out broke off like a year ago.

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Also still waiting on my Holiday Bullshit. I figured I owed them after I got last holiday's expansion for free.

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Did they really have to make an announcement for this? It's sad that this isn't a fucking given.

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Bay Area-ian here:

Jackie Channel

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Pre-ordered from Newegg a few months ago for 44.99 + tax with free regular non-release day shipping. Pre-ordered from a local Gamestop just got get a copy in my hands at midnight. Once the Newegg copy has arrived, I'll be returning it to Gamestop.

It made me sad to cancel my Amazon pre-order I've hand since Nov 2, 2011 since they now charge tax and there really wasn't any incentive to buy it there.

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Not a big enough leap to warrant it being called "Battlefield 4."

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My Microsoft money is going to expire? WHAT?!

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Fuck this.