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Pre-ordered from Newegg a few months ago for 44.99 + tax with free regular non-release day shipping. Pre-ordered from a local Gamestop just got get a copy in my hands at midnight. Once the Newegg copy has arrived, I'll be returning it to Gamestop.

It made me sad to cancel my Amazon pre-order I've hand since Nov 2, 2011 since they now charge tax and there really wasn't any incentive to buy it there.

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Not a big enough leap to warrant it being called "Battlefield 4."

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My Microsoft money is going to expire? WHAT?!

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Fuck this.

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Your controller is going to eat it's batteries if you're far away enough from the receiver. Enough trips to the kitchen from my room while talking to my friends over party chat seems to drain them faster than just leaving the controller behind.

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Just going to drop my PSN in here to see what happens.

PSN: Chtasm

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I had my gun drawn on the main surgeon and went up to his face with it. I then tried to melee him to try and knock him out or something and Joel ending up slicing the dude's jugular with his own scalpel. It was disappointing because it's not like you can find surgeons popping up everywhere in this post-pandemic world and Joel just fucking wastes him.

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Average service doesn't deserve a bonus. Bad service deserves a complaint.

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They should go grab Will Smith with his Google Glass and have him record the entire show.