Let's watch twin peaks! Episode 1

So I'm late to the game. I know this. But after years and years of realizing that I enjoy just about all fiction that is twin peaks deriviative, deadly premonition, Alan wake, puzzle agent, and my favorite x files episode Jose chung's from outer space, it is time to see the root of the tree.

As I watched I notices a few things. First. How did this end up on tv? I know the era is was produced saw a lot more slow burn fiction, but the sheer amount of weirdness without any hint of explaining makes me wonder how this was green lit?

Second, who isn't sleeping with who?

Third, Cooper is the Mac daddy

Fourth, Jesus Swery, Jesus. Homage and reference and infringement are different

So let's continue down this road, more silly hair and sex are sure to pop up. You hear that? Douglas firs!