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@geraltitude: nailed it

Grey because I found a bunch of gray stuff. Griy gruy gryy

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I am like 90% sure that is what I am doing now. And everything seems fine if you are a reasonable non super attenuation pixel counter type

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Well as masters of combat systems they made all the foliage and grass tech.

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Just saying I hope nobody is subjected to Nights into Dreams. Jeff Gerstmann was right.

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I usually wait to see if it is good again. Like with Assassin's Creed, I have only enjoyed the good ones, so I feel pretty good about the series overall. Also the video games are what brings me back, those sweet sweet video games

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It really bothers me that Rapman is using 'the real slim shady' to start out 'Bitch Get Hunked'.

He also rhymes 'come out and play'

With 'if you want that shoe candy'

That and blatantly telling kids to use hunkadunk.

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@corevi said:

I'm not super into board games but I had a ton of fun with King of Tokyo at a convention. Basically you are a kaiju and you have to fight other kaiju for control of the titular city with the power of dice rolls.

King of New York just came out and really fleshed out the better parts of king of Tokyo and cleans up a bit more. Way more fun.

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Betrayal at House on the Hill. Super fun B-movie horror-themed game. It's a team game for the first half, where you're discovering rooms in a haunted house and finding items, then at some point a "haunt roll" begins and one of the players becomes the betrayer and tries to kill the rest of the players. Best part about it is that there's 50 different stories/events that can happen, depending on what item you picked up in the room that the haunt roll begins.

Tabletop has a 2-parter on it.

THIS GAME RIGHT HERE. Run don't walk to Betrayal at House on the Hill. Really fast to learn, you end up procedurally generating some really fun stories. And maybe, just maybe, get to betray all your friends.

#8 Posted by chu52 (285 posts) - is an amazing tool for giant bomb videos. I should really donate to them for all that awesome.

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Glennfiddich, you mean the new comer posers who bough took Cardhu's old distillery when Cardhu decided to up production? Just joking, Glennfiddich is okay, Cardhu single malt for life

I had some really bad malt when I started drinking, but it was all really light, and rarely consumed. I went from Smirnoff Ices to neat brown liquor in a single jump and never looked back. ("Beer sucks, long live Glenfiddich.")

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@skankinpacman: a reasonable thing. The sickest I've ever been was a single shot of Feckin' brand Whiskey. I was suggested if by an Irish bartender who was pretty cute so it seemed like a good idea to try her Irish whiskey.

It tasted like water and I was too hungover to go to work 14 hours later.

This weekend I had half a bottle of vodka and woke up and hit the gym. So I don't know why, but feckin' whiskey is the devil.