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The tutorial as it had been mentioned in previous posts is a terrible introduction. It is unhelpful, talky, starts and stops needlessly interrupting play, and is very condescending. At least it is short though.

When the game starts out it puts you in a public game by default. It is designed to be multiplayer, but this leaves a really bad first impression. There is no matchmaking that pairs you with people who have the same cars unlocked. This means that you will get out classed by the cars other people have unlocked. People seem to actively just try to grief other people the entire time. Since you have almost nothing unlocked, there is very little you can do about it. This is the internet, and that's what people do on the internet but it should restrict other player matching to those with the same progression. The only way to get out of this is to change the setting, and quit the game entirely. There is no leaving a multiplayer match at will. Even so you can only access the options menu when you are at your garage. So if you are out in the road and need to check on something, then you are fucked.

I like the idea of the open world environment, but navigation is poorly implemented. There is no quick way to change your gps marker while you are racing. You have to dig through menus with the dpad. Why can't I just push a button or swipe the touch pad to quick select a location? If you are getting chased, you better hope that you accidentally make it to where you need to go.

The controls and crashing don't seem to be implemented well. This may just be from a lack of experience with the game though. The optional boost add on seems to be an instant crash button. There is a slight delay on start up and stopping. You can crash on anything, and since you can't see much of the map while racing it makes boosting guess work. If the road looks straight, push it and hope it works out. It feels like the game doesn't know if it wants to be a fast reckless racing game, or a careful precision game.

This is an arcade racer. Everything should be designed around fun. Boost should be fast, precise, and responsive. Objects should be able to be hit to a certain degree because being able to hit things more is more fun.

Are my impressions off? Does the game get better?

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My console with KZ just went on shipped status today. But BF4 and NFS won't be here tomorrow, though I ordered them last weekend. BF4 is estimated to arrive on Saturday when the original estimate was to arrive today. Who knows when NFS will be coming. Not sure why Amazon is having trouble getting NFS out. I live in the same city as a distribution center so shit gets sent to me last min.

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The console review thing is exceptionally dumb. How can a site with it's head up it's own ass as far as Polygon's do a console review score and still pretend to justify it. Usually a pretentious publication will try to justify it's pretentious nature and act above that shit.

But what really gets me is why all those sites posted scores for Killzone without having adequate time with the MP. Jeff has said that they didn't get any time with it while they were in NY and MP servers wouldn't be up and saturated until more people have the console. A multiplayer focused FPS should have it's mp reviewed with it's game. You wouldn't review a BF or CoD without playing the MP, but the race for clicks demands a fast score. This is sloppy and does the consumer a disservice.

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Need For Speed is now available to select for the promotion. It still says that they don't have it, and there is no delivery date, but it is still selectable. If you want this game, you don't have to settle for another game.

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PSN: Chubbaluphigous

Timezone: PST

Launch games: Killzone, Need For Speed, and BF4 if they can patch out the jank.

Put in the message that you are on GB and put your GB username.

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I just got the email. I plan on getting BF4, but the other 2 games that I would get it won't let me order. Both AC4 and NFS:Rivals are not available to be ordered. I'll probably still do this, but what am I to get? Knack? I actually think that Knack will be good game, but I don't want to buy it because I am sure that it will be one of the first of the PS4 games to be free on PS+.

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I have gotten ps2, 360, and ps3 on launch. Each area is going to be different, but I would expect there to be lines starting way before the launch day. For PS3 I remember that there were lines starting as early as 1 week early at some best buys that would allow it. I got mine by going to a kmart that wouldn't allow a line and had security there to keep people away. 360 I don't remember anything specific about the lines. I didn't have to stand in one(lucked out on a preorder) so I didn't pay too much attention. I think I remember there being lines starting as early as 3 days in advance. I got my PS2 on launch by standing in line at 10pm the night before. I was in a small rural area and went to an out of the way kmart. I was the first in line, and less than 20 people showed up that night.

Each new launch seems to draw bigger and earlier lines. But it will all depend on the area you are in and individual store policy. All it takes is a couple people to start the line for it to get going. So pick out your possible stores ahead of time. Check on their line status days in advance. Find out their rules for the line. Get in line as early as you possibly can. If lines start way way too early, find a place that doesn't allow a line Go there the day before and tailgate in your car. At some point they will say fuck it and a line will form. Remember that the number of systems that the store gets does not equal the number that they will have for sale. For things like this managers will break rules and let employees buy the consoles first. Earn good will with your line. You will be stuck with these people outside in the cold for way longer than you want to be. Things like coffee and donuts will make you a hero.

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I know that Pokemon gets a lot of shit for being the same game every time a new one comes out. But if the Madden people can make changes over a 15 year period so can the Pokemon people. Are there any special mechanics that I need to look out for? Like I think I heard that a treats system was put in the game at some point. Do I need to look a wiki to know when to give what pokeman what shit? Most of what I remember is: Go into tall grass and press A on shit.

Also whoever designed Fennekin was a asshole. It is like the Froakie dude made a cross-eyed smurf mutant with a beard, and Fennekin dude was all like....fuuuuuuuuu......I my guy has ear hair. I was set on picking a fire type because Charmander yo. But Fennekin's ear hair, however bad ass the ear hair is, can't stand up to Froakie's swagger.

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I have been reading and following his work since he first started at gamespot. It has been a pleasure to be able read and listen to his work. I feel lucky in that I have been able to meet him several times. Always with the biggest of grins. As much as I will miss his presence hear, my heart and thoughts go out to his family and friends.

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The funny thing is that they don't have one of these stores in the Seattle area.