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What, no love for CyberStadium Base Wars?

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But if I was putting out the PS4, I'd hide the PS1 and PS2 startup sequences in that firmware and show them when the system clock matches up with those consoles' launch dates.

That would be boss, except I think that Joe Sixaxis might interpret that as some sort of signal about backwards compatibility.

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I...might look into getting one of these. Most portables are uncomfortable control-wise to me, and the button placement seems like it might be more of a fit for my mitts. And I was never going to use the 3D anyway. I will kinda miss the clamshell though.

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I was in the middle of a hospital stay while Ryan and Patrick were hammering out the Chrono Trigger endurance run. I looked forward to every installment, as they helped me forget about my bullshit for just a little while each day. Their voices and humor helped carry me through a difficult time. I wish I could do the same for the guys at GB as they had done for me.

The world has lost a great man.

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"I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet. But your kids are going to love it."

I actually have mixed feelings about this. As long as it doesn't affect games that were going to take advantage of the always on connectivity, I guess it's alright. All my years of using Steam on the PC had already prepared me for a digital-based console, so it wasn't a big deal to me, although I can understand why it is to others. This will definitely help them in markets where internet is not all that great.

I still can't help but feel like they could have still implemented some of this stuff if it had been presented properly, i.e. "Think of the way games work on Xbox Live arcdade today. Well now all games work like that."

It's people's attachment to what they think a disc represents and what it actually does that causes these kinds of PR explosions. I see this as a super-large scale version of the way the community reacted to DLC being on disc in SFxTekken and Gears of War 3.

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Ugh, open world? Yawn.

This series lost me with MGS2...lots of great and clever ideas implemented in every MGS game, I love the way they break the 4th wall, for instance, but somewhere along the line I lost my patience with the gameplay. Ended up just watching LP's of MGS3 and rips of the cinematics for MGS4, couldn't be bothered to play them and I certainly can't follow the story anymore.

I really don't understand why Kojima gets death threats every time he says he wants to stop maing Metal Gear games. Let the man take his obvious flair for clever ideas and dramatic storytelling to a new series instead of continuing to bloat a story that was pretty much done with MGS3.

Of course this is just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

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On the latest dash I did a search in the "games" tab for "kinect fun labs" then opened the main entry and selected "pin to home". After that I was able to select it and hit "play now" whenever I wanted.

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One of my proudest gaming accomplishments is still completing all the achievements in Beatles Rock Band. Seriously one of the best games ever.

I still have people asking me when the next Rock Band night is at my house. With a catalog of over 1200 songs we have a lot to choose from (and yet still play most of the same faves, depending upon who shows up).

Greatest game series ever. Taught me how to drum, played in a band. Sadly health problems mean I don't get to play nearly as often as I used to, but it was worth every second and every penny I put into it.

Those of you who don't play anymore and want to ditch your instruments would do well to check out to see if you can't get those plastic instruments into some hands willing to use them. Some of them are hard to come by these days!

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I played the first to 1000GS completion and pre-ordered the second.

I regret nothing except selling my copy of the first one when I was broke. This one covers all of that game's ground and more, so I don't feel I'm ultimately losing anything though.

I plan to crack it open this weekend with a friend. My home will be full of AAAAAATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA

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Okay, so I beat the game, in a bit of a hurry before all the internet traffic spoiled the ending for me...and I didn't get why people were so angry until I read up on it afterwards. Now I can understand being *annoyed*, but honestly the level this has grown to feels a bit out of hand to me.

Would I have liked more closure, yes. Do I want any drastic, sweeping changes? No. Honestly if they tack on a few screens of text that fill me in a bit better on who lives/dies or what some of my choices influenced, that would be neat.

That being said, this feels like a bit of "stop and smell the roses" to me. Other than the fact that it's simply amazing that in such a large universe I would run in to people I know *all the time*, I found my first trip through the game to be enjoyable and rewarding. My char had come all the way through ME1 and 2, without having played any of the DLC from 2. Seeing the influence this import had on characters whatnot was amazing to me, and I yelled at my screen a few times. The game *was* the ending, in my mind. And at least there wasn't a crummy, tacked on boss fight this time.

Also, my understanding from what I've seen is there might be clarification, but not a retcon (thankfully.) The SPOILER ALERT post ending screen even tells you that you can continue Shep's "Legend", and drops you at a point before the final assault takes place. DLC will most likely be crammed into the middle of the story.

All this crap that nobody cares about being said, I think I would have been happy if the game ended with MORE SPOILER ALERT/WISHFUL THINKING the defeat of Cerberus/TIM and led into a kickass multiplayer title based around fighting the Reapers.

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