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Holy shit Polar Bear Cafe

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Terrifying Superjail vibe, love it!

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Personally, I think if you want to accept financial help from friends after something like this then that's great; if you go accept financial help from people who desperately want to be your friend, believe they are your friend, but never will be your friend, then it starts to look a little questionable.

That's just my two cents. Which I'm also not going to donate.

Well said. The donors' hearts are in the right place, but this is definitely problematic. That said, I'm not sure this fund raising would have happened if someone stole jewelry or cash or other valuables. The stolen items are at least directly related to Dan's contribution to the site (but are not 100% necessary for him to do his job,) so I'm not sure he's crossing a line by accepting donations to return him to video gaming status quo and enable him to have the full range of experiences that go into his contributions to the site and community. If he accepted donations to replace a prized sneaker or stamp collection, however, that would be gross and exploitative.

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I haven't seen anything that's as full-featured as the phone apps, but Mediamonkey will automatically download podcast feeds and I think there's an auto-resume option (they call it bookmarking).

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This seems like a good place to drop these cel shaded jeans:

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Stewart Copeland, drummer for The Police and composer of the music for the Spyro games, is Drew's dad.

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Are all first names shared among bloodlines? If each gets a custom seed of first names definitely add Virtua to the Davis clan. Also voting for Hall of Kentia, Uh uh uh uh, Hello Everyone It's Tuesday.

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It does help to be into MMOs. I have two very close friends that I met playing Final Fantasy XI 10 years ago that I still talk to and see all the time, and my best friend met his wife on FFXI/WoW. I know of several other relationships/marriages/friendships that have happened within that same circle of friends. MMOs are good for this sort of thing not just because there's lots of people around, but because there's so much downtime. If you're playing a competitive game or co-oping a single player style game, there's probably action happening almost constantly. If you're playing an MMO, you're probably doing a fair bit of farming enemies or chopping down trees or mining or crafting, all of which are pretty low-investment on the gameplay side, so there's lots of room to chat! Also I'm not sure if this statement is totally valid, but it seems to me like there's a much more even split of male/female players in MMOs, which in my opinion is much more conducive to creating a friendly environment because it makes the particularly immature angry schoolboy types stay away. I guess Minecraft might be good for meeting people as well if there was a voice chat server associated with the server you're playing on.

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Interesting to see no mention of Rock Paper Shotgun. They've done very little with video/audio but have been producing great long-form articles for years. I'm sure they're not rolling in cash but there are plenty of industry vets who are making a living there, plus plenty of freelance work.

If those Gamespot writers created articles that were well-written and interesting I'd never have known, because I've never encountered anything on Gamespot that seemed worth paying attention to. If you're doing the sort of review mill crap that Hailinel mentioned above, I can't see a reason to dig into your site when I can just come here for video content or to RPS for a good read.