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Touchy territory but I feel like if there was an alternate timeline in which Ryan was still with us and Dan got hired, Ryan would endlessly ridicule this shit he keeps revealing.

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You have to use this opportunity to mend the hilarious beef between Jeff and the speedrun community!

Edit: Also the longer VOD that includes him watching his replay ends with some proper emotion about it all after the adrenaline subsided. The dumbass comments about "big deal it is glitch he's noob" obviously don't get it, maybe Cosmo's reaction at the end of this clip better underscores the impact of an achievement this great:

I think the games Cosmo plays are awful, yet I love watching him play them, which might also help make clear the difference between a brilliantly executed speedrun and a let's play.

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Dan is too much Jeff and not enough Ryan/Vinny/Drew/Dave. He seems like an alright guy, but we already have a Jeff; we've lost all of the most interesting members of the Bombcast except Drew, in my opinion. That said, Dan's campaign to get fast food brands to follow him on twitter is psychotic in a way I can get behind, so maybe there's just more personality that needs to make its way out!

Idle Thumbs has been killin it, as has The Crate and Crowbar, if anyone else is feeling similarly fatigued.

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The hell year is this, 3000 miles should not be enough to prevent the crew from casting together as usual.

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Now would be a good time to ask does anyone have the SVG of the GB logo? This is a WIP

These were both posted at the exact same time, that's kinda freaky.

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Listen I know Drew and Vinny are too much funny for one room but you didn't have to fix it like this!

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Great video! When do the orange peel and coriander come in to play?

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Tom also appears on the best pc gaming podcast by a mile:

The PC Gamer UK podcast was the best, and it got shut down for some reason, so they went independent and it's even better as a result.