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Taskmaster looking sick.

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I have a problem with this. I am actually pretty irate in refusing offers of support or gifts from people, so I'd have to go with "giving". I just feel like I'm doing some wrong when I receive or take goods or services from people.

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Thread's pretty self-apparent: What are you planning to do with your Christmas Holiday(s) Circa 2010?
My Christmas experience will start on the eve with a sushi dinner-gathering of my immediate family on my mom's side as the last one we'll have together before I leave the country followed by a visit with my dad's side of the family for the remainder of the week in Ottawa. Not really looking to get any gifts or the like in particular which is perfectly fine with me. Most of my family seem to be asking for music or music-related gifts, so my shopping is pretty simple in that right. Also looking forward to some easy gift-giving with some of my friends via Steam.
Well, how about it then? Anything special (or even... normal) going on this holiday season?

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Having had a week off work due to some office renovation shenanigans, I've had a bit more time to get familiar with the little flakes of ice occupying my breathing room. Winter has got into the habit of starting earlier and earlier in Canada, but I can't say I find any fault in it. Something about the winter storm,  the spring rain or the summer wash gets me in an energetic mood. Where I could normally go for a 15 minute walk on a cloudless, sunny day or for maybe 5 minutes with a grim overcast, I find myself jogging a good 10 KM in the driven rain or a few hours wandering the peaceable desolation of a blizzard-thunderstorm.
This fascination with precipitation probably stems from my upbringing on the west coast in Cali-Lite (British Columbia to you Amerikanskis), where soccer was a year-round outside activity, a good fifty percent of it in the coastal rain. Why I developed this attachment where the rest of my family grew to loathe the falling rain, I have little clue. A small part of my indulgence might well be an unspoken rebellion, a defiance of the falling sky's order to take shelter. Another part still might be the invitation to a shower, a cleansing of the outer being to soothe the inner.
Most likely of my reasons for frolicking in the rain, however, is the need to get wet and remain wet in total peace. For me, it is not the absence of others in the rain so much as the presence of solely myself that brings me peace. There is something wonderfully introspective in those little drops, the icy razors, that consistent zephyr.
With that piece of pretension put to text, what about you lot? What does the weather stir up with you? What is it in the winds that makes you tick?

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Welp, disregard that, I don't look hard enough.

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Sometimes I wish Binary Morality systems really were.

Wait no I don't.
Put me in for "gray area".

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With the last patch, I lost between 3 and 6 bandages from, as far as I can tell, World 2 that I can no longer reacquire. I know for sure I lost some bandages because I unlocked Naija a second time after having unlocked her the day before. The only thing I can think might have caused this outside of the patch is that I played on a friend's computer for an hour.
Anyone else get this?

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@Little_Socrates said:
" I beat it my second day with the game, after about a two hour play session with that warp zone. Make sure you're using your walls to the fullest advantage.  (Also, I will admit that I'm REALLy good at this game, to a kind of stupid level. I'm not meaning to brag, just making it clear that my view on which levels are difficult and which are absurd is kind of skewed. BTW, you don't even want to know what some of the dark world levels look like. >.<) "
Pretty much any other level has been entertaining. I have loved every dark world level I have played. Hell, the minus worlds are pretty damn cool for being pretty plain. The Kid's Warpzone levels were just boring and repetitive, with the exception of the last one which was a bit easy. I get that was the flavour of IWTBTG, but it doesn't really "jive" with my "flow", if you get me. Or even if you don't.
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 Dear  "The Guy!" Warp Zone,
I never thought it would happen to me. Thanks for giving me "The Kid". I'm glad we could share that pixel-thin slalom through spikes on an elevator, that precarious double jumps over rows of gleaming spikes and a few very mobile sections of spiked wall looping endlessly across the screen. Sadly, I will not be visiting in the near future because I value my fingers and this keyboard a bit more than our time together.
With sincere apologies,

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