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Where I spend most of my day.

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One of the funniest things I've seen on this game so far. @Morbid_Coffee lib surfing!

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@Morbid_Coffee: I got a shotgun for my light assault and can never go back to the gauss now lol

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@selbie: I'm going to be playing for the next hour or so. Hop on and i can send you a invite to the outfit. In game name is Blackbern

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I recently bought a new gaming pc and decided to jump back into Skyrim. I was having no issues at all with the graphics cranked up and everything looked amazing. After seeing some screenshots of Dawnguard from a friend I decided to pick it up. Now I am running into this issue where when I run into a Blood Dragon 50% of the time they will be low resolution. Then once you kill them they pop back to high res. Other times they are high res the whole time. I'm not sure if it happens with any of the other dragons yet since my last 4 dragon fights have all been blood. I've tried googling a solution, but I just keep finding xbox / ps3 related posts. I wanted to see if anyone here has ever run into this before. Here's a video of the problem.

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@Grimhild said:

is a doctor, you can trust him. And his beard...

In cases of extreme death my beard could be used as a cloning device.

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It's too bad Gage wasn't recording when we first ran into Jeff in the Rog. I was watching the stairs up to the tower we were in, and out of nowhere there was a face staring at me from 2 feet away. I freaked out baaaaad. The whole night was scary as hell and fun as hell!

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@Grimhild said:

@AhmadMetallic said:

the Vanu guys are laser hipsters.

That's pretty funny lol. I want a photoshop of this.

"I'm only fighting this war ironically. Pff... Are you jel about my laser? It's pretty obscure."

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NC MAX suit.... Nuff' Said

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I think a cyberpunk MMO would be pretty cool. It could add a lot of different types of game play we aren't used to seeing. Like a PVP system revolved around Hacking your enemies in cyberspace rather than just running up to them and shooting/stabbing their faces.

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