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Just wanted to mention that this exact situation happened to me over the past few days, and it totally was an issue with hardware acceleration.

Apparently, a recent Firefox update somehow reset my acceleration setting, which ended up causing BSODs while using the HTML5 player (and ONLY the HTML5 player). If you're experiencing crashes, the setting you need to disable is in Options > Advanced > General > Browsing > Use hardware acceleration when available.

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I was a Gamestop employee like four years ago, and we used to lean REALLY HARD on the 7 day refund on used games as an excuse to sell people used stuff. (Edit: we'd push customers to buy even new releases used, if available, and NEVER cut anybody off. We billed it as "the perks of buying used, since you have 7 days to decide if you like it")

Obviously it gets customers back in the store at least once a week, for one, but once a game is no longer "new," they pretty much stop caring about it because any time it's bought or sold back is pure profit. That's why they can give discounts with the edge card or do buy-two-get-one-frees. We had a bunch of old PS2 sports game discs in envelopes sitting by the register, 50 cents each (no box, no terrible generic boxart).

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(mind your volume going in)

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@WillyFourEyes said:

I tried to play the tutorial dungeon this morning, and got disconnected while in the middle of a cutscene. I hope this doesn't mean I have to do the other tutorial missions over again when I try to reconnect...

Right now, the lag is making the game harder to play than when I tunneled my connection to Japan two years ago. That's probably bad. I get that they're working on it, but these days, you REALLY need to nail a MMO's launch before you're pretty much just doing damage control forever. It's even more true for niche ones.

I still think it's a pretty interesting game, you know, for being a third-person action MMO based on the Japanese interpretation of a 30 year old D&D dungeon crawler series that was a total dick.

For anybody who's potentially interested but turned off by some of the mechanics:

Bonus stats don't matter a whole lot beyond the first dungeons because your stats will eventually normalize out (they can go up or down, remember). As for permadeath and PvP, they don't even activate until you clear the first dungeon and hit Soul Rank 2, and losing a character still only happens if you get really, really unlucky. IF you happen to lose a character, you lose everything on their person, but keep everything in your shared storage. As your Soul Rank goes up, you start gaining access to more and more stuff, like stat bonuses and faster EXP gain and class changes. Also, you only ever have to do dungeon puzzles and storyline quests once before they unlock for every character on that server (of which there are only two, US and EU).

I still wouldn't recommend playing for a week or so until they fix the lag.