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@themangalist: B-b-b-but Edison Chen!

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Both games have been cheaper than 10 bucks. If I'm not mistaken, Bulletstorm in particular was $5 in a recent Amazon sale. Wait for a steeper drop IMO.

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That's too bad. How many employees worked at 38 Studios?

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You're Being Overemotional
It is very likely that the whole reason the Marginalised Person™ in question is debating with you is because they’ve made a conscious decision to speak out about these issues, despite the pain and heartache it can often cause them.

Therefore, the “you’re being hostile” bomb can often lead to an increase of anger and/or hurt. Sometimes it just leads to greater emphasis and exasperation in the argument.

It really doesn’t matter, because you can still use it against them by accusing them of being overemotional. You may wish to use the word “hysterical” instead. “Hysterical” is also a word laden with negative connotations, so it’s particularly effective. Using this one in discussions with women is highly advisable, as the opinions and feelings of women have historically been denied as mere “hysteria”, but it works against almost anyone. A great one to use with women as well is to ask them if they’re “PMSing”. Yes, it’s an oldie but a classic.

If you need more variety, some more handy argument winners involving speculating as to people’s neurotypical status: ask them if they’re “neurotic” or “schizo” for example. Implying people have mental health issues is a great way to dismiss their concerns; it’s also insensitive to people with actual mental health issues!

After all, proper “intellectual” discussions always involve detachment and rationality. What is “rationality”? It’s a way of approaching emotional matters devoid of sentiment, particularly prized by Privileged People® as it enables a continuing inequity of power that favours them: after all, if they aren’t emotionally attached to the topic by way of Lived Experience©, it is easier for them to be “rational”.

You've managed to say absolutely nothing in four paragraphs. Well done!

He's just copy pasting a blurb from Derailing for Dummies.

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I'm not sure I liked how flippant they were about this entire thing on the stream. It seems fake for some reason, I mean this is some big news, couldn't they at least try to act a little serious?

They were acting like they were given a blank check from Gamespot. So pumped, so hyped. So far they haven't even addressed the possibility that people might have an issue with this flip-flop.

Yeah. I thought this was pretty interesting/strange.

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I have faint memories of an old school point & click adventure game rattling around in my head. I think it was similar to Phantasmagoria. Might be FMV.

I remember a sequence with a big medieval hall with a bunch of musical symbols (notes, treble clef, etc.) as part of a puzzle.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.