Games on my "to finish" list

By finish, I mostly mean S-rank / all non-DLC achievements. 
Also, I must already own it for it to be on this list.     
2/13/10 - sonic's genesis collection, civ rev and chime
2/21/10 - Shadow Complex, added Forza 3. 
2/22/10 - Vesperia 
3/4/10 - Keflings, Puzzle Fighter 
4/7/10 - decided not to keep moving priorities around and just started adding things to the bottom.  Sooo many games to play. 
4/20/10 - Forza 3 
4/25/10 - feeding frenzy 
5/17 - added MUA1 since i still need the DLC, removed beatles and south park 
8/17 - haven't been here in a while.... updated.  Rem Monkey Island, Beautiful Katamari, Blue Dragon 
8/27 - got the MUA Gold Edition disc from Blockbuster Online - so it's done... finally. 
9/10 Lost Odyssey 
10/4 - 4 cheevos away from S-ing Dirt 2 and the daughter decided to try and take a bite of it - now the 360 thinks it's a dvd. :(  working on borderlands now

List items