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Suprised this isn't called Piller of Autumn or some shit.

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Do female characters in games need to look attractive? No.

Do i prefer it if they are? Yes.

Games are escapism to me, in reality i'm a nobody, nobody around me stands out as being special or deserving of anything, life kinda sucks. Video games let me have fun in an environment i am the king of, without guilt, without consequence, without prejudice.

Obviously there's a catch, female gamers put up with a lot of games tailored towards me, but games have always been dominated by a market of guys like me and i don't think we want to give up liking the things that we like, suddenly games would become a lot more tame and dull and we can't make two or three versions of every game to appease everyone.

Also, and don't get mad at me here, but there's always this argument...

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@little_socrates: I would say that the shooting in Destiny feels fine, Bungie managed to take the shooting it does in Halo and make it closer to the normal standard for shooters, the action is still Halo and doesn't bring anything new to the table, i still have a personal dislike for Bungie weapon animations and crosshair placement.
Wolfenstein is also a fine shooter, but the variety of weapons is greater than Destiny and with the inclusion of good stealth it provides a different style of shooting aswell, that's just the mechanics, add to that the rest of its content and it blows Destiny away.

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I too was made angry by the defence of this bad game, i'm glad this thread is here for me because i absolutely have to say something.

I can understand where Brad is coming from, one of my favorite games this year, a game i put 70+ hours into, was Dynasty Warriors 8, i claim to get away with that simply because the PC version came out this year. I don't think anyone on the GB staff would defend that choice however.
Brad keeps mentioning how if you ignore the flaws, the core of Destiny is so brilliant that it alone carries it into game of the year territory, so what is the core?
It's a first person shooter, you shoot things, you get better gear which... makes the numbers go higher... is there anything i missed?
If that's the core, then i'm unimpressed, it's a core which countless games have had in the past, it's Borderlands main gameplay aspect but that game also contains the meat and content Destiny wishes it had.
Wolfenstein is a brilliant game, it's gameplay mechanics were well thought out and put together with a high degree of polish, it has characters and a story worth experiencing, Destiny really doesn't hold a candle to it.

The only way i can make sense of it is this, Brad defends Destiny the same way he defends Dota 2, but even i who dislikes MOBA's can see the vast amount of things to do and learn in Dota since it's a game with a large amount of content, there are tons of heroes who all have different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. In Destiny you just... shoot... and that's it, any personal goal in the game is created from a players pure desperation to find any kind of reward.

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Yeah i don't really get it either, i may be biased because the way Dragon Age characters have been designed for the last two games has made me just kind of hate everyone.
I'd vote Shit Bot, purely because i can't think of any characters which stood out to me this year.

Edit: I'd still say Shit Bot (still fun to say), but notable mention for Clover who was added to Payday 2 recently, i really like how she turned out, they even gave her a Shillelagh.

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These service outages arn't the worst thing in the world, for a child maybe but i don't mind not having access for a few days, i've usually got plenty of things which would still be playable.

The thing you should be more scared of is hackers stealing important information.

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I don't understand what the purpose of this auction thing is, if i traded in a card i got today i'd have got 32 gems, selling the card would give me 6p, so if 32 gems is worth 6p, the current highest bid for a copy of CS:GO is £202 in gems...
The most expensive item at the moment is a christmas theme for Steam, using that same math it costs £1959 in gems... what is going on?
Who the hell is bidding?

If you want a game there's a winter sale on the way probably in a few days, am i missing something here?

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Damn it Sega, Outrun, Sega Rally, now this.
The previous two were removed due to licences expiring and i assume this is the same, all brilliant games which deserve to stick around.

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Pretty excited about it being announced for PC from the start, don't get that much these days it usually comes out months or years after release.

It seems a bunch of people on youtube got a copyright strike for talking about this link and including the footage, it's a shame since everyone around the world has already seen it.

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I did notice the animations during the quick look, they could use a few new animators. Everything works for sure but it all looks a little uncoordinated, like everyone barely has control of their limbs.