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Excellent, cool partnership.
It's not going to be much use to me without online though.

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And everything was right with the world.

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As someone who is trying to avoid getting a next gen console, this is perfect, the only game i'm missing now is Killer Instinct, but as a Tekken fan i can do without it.

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I don't have an Xbox One, got a PC though.

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Not everyone can catch their favorite twitch streamers when they are live, some of those streams are for things like game development, practicing speed runs, other tasks where streamers often listen to music at the same time, all of those videos will be muted.

I suggest only taking action on streams whose sole purpose is to broadcast music, but that would take moderation to determine.

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Kardashian has done nothing to deserve what she has, and i will forever despise her for it.

Pop culture is bad culture.

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His lack of broad video game knowledge is annoying sometimes, but he likes Terminator 3 more than 1 so i'm on his side now.

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I've only just gotten around to starting DW8 on PC, i wanted a good version of the game since DW7 on 360 was kind of a nightmare with frame rate and i doubted it would be fixed in 8 on that system.

The 60+fps is just what i needed to feel good about the game again, i've always enjoyed the series and after the moderate wait for a new PC version i'm right back in again.

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I imagine the first step to being hired by Jeff Gerstmann is to be liked by Jeff Gerstmann, as his internet friend i guess i like them both aswell :D.

Shoddy logic but i honestly don't know who these guys are, i listened to the bombcast, one plays fighting games which is awesome, the other has a fantastic surname and sounds like a chill bro.

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I found the wireless dongle sometimes lost inputs for me, as a player of fighting games that's not something i can live with so i prefer wired.
The main issue i have with the ... Xbone... ONE... XOne... controller, is the bumpers, a game like Dark Souls uses those all the time and they arn't brilliant.

Also i'm assuming they're super expensive, i'm not even going to look.