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Sometimes when a video is fullscreen the controls won't hide unless i refresh the page, that's probably more of a problem on my end though so should i click the button for that issue?
Also, and this might also just be me, but videos that run at 60fps like Metal Gear Scanlon feel choppy, not completely smooth, it's a very subtle issue which happens on every high frame rate video so i am assuming it's me, do these videos appear completely smooth to everyone else? (not using HTML5, on Firefox).

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Be like me. Have no idea wtf is going on and why everyone is angry and then be forced to read about it on wikpedia after a couple of months and still remain confused.


I don't care about anything as long as stuff is fun and video games are mostly involved.

A personal issue though, there arn't many females who do this sort of thing well, so if the new hire is a girl i might be skeptical, but i won't cry on the internet about it i'll give them a chance like everyone else should.

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We tell stories precisely because they provoke emotions, you tell scary stories at a campfire, you tell nice fantasy stories to lull children to sleep.

If fiction causes someone harm that's a problem they need to deal with, it's impossible to protect everyone and shifting the blame onto the story makers is just cheap.

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I can only point to Kojima (and his talented studio) for making every Metal Gear release the most exciting and unique experience each year they are made, without him i fear for the future of the franchise.
Konami stock fell when this news hit, their shareholders clearly understand how valuable he is to the company.

Wonder how this affects Silent Hills.

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I played it on PC originally so i've kind of already got this, the 60fps part anyway, i also didn't like the game enough to buy it a second time.
DMC4 however i'd gladly buy again... but i don't have a PS4 or Xbone, shame the update isn't coming to PC.

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I have two friends who consider themselves to be good Street Fighter 4 players, playing against them online is fine for a few minutes until i get some kind of win streak, then they start shouting and throwing hissy fits. I get depressed when they do it and automatically start letting them win, i start playing badly to suit them and feel bad that i'm losing my ability, eventually i make an excuse to leave but it's gotten to the point where i haven't played a fighting game with them in probably almost a year.
My story doesn't go anywhere we just don't play together anymore, more people need to understand that winning and losing is better when you arn't a dick about it.

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I'm a long time CS player, i agree with the previous versions being better but the ease of finding a game in CSGO is unmatched. A lot more questionable lag related things happen, once a week i get booted for having files which don't match the server, sometimes the mouse disappears, sometimes menus get stuck on screen, but being able to form a 5v5 within seconds is beautiful.

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Runs ok, with me for some reason it occasionally frame stutters, could be my hard drive or something but a few others also seem to have some frame rate issues. Controls switch between M/K and controller instantly, noticed it uses Xbone input display so the Back button shows up as the weird little boxes.
Those minor things aside, it's a good version of the game, aside from maybe resolution clarity on a PC monitor there won't be any visual difference between the platforms.

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I'm not into books but i played Discworld 1 and 2 and will have memories of those games forever, the characters and the writing i can only assume were on par with the books so thank you Mr Prachett and may you rest in peace.