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These service outages arn't the worst thing in the world, for a child maybe but i don't mind not having access for a few days, i've usually got plenty of things which would still be playable.

The thing you should be more scared of is hackers stealing important information.

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I don't understand what the purpose of this auction thing is, if i traded in a card i got today i'd have got 32 gems, selling the card would give me 6p, so if 32 gems is worth 6p, the current highest bid for a copy of CS:GO is £202 in gems...
The most expensive item at the moment is a christmas theme for Steam, using that same math it costs £1959 in gems... what is going on?
Who the hell is bidding?

If you want a game there's a winter sale on the way probably in a few days, am i missing something here?

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Damn it Sega, Outrun, Sega Rally, now this.
The previous two were removed due to licences expiring and i assume this is the same, all brilliant games which deserve to stick around.

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Pretty excited about it being announced for PC from the start, don't get that much these days it usually comes out months or years after release.

It seems a bunch of people on youtube got a copyright strike for talking about this link and including the footage, it's a shame since everyone around the world has already seen it.

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I did notice the animations during the quick look, they could use a few new animators. Everything works for sure but it all looks a little uncoordinated, like everyone barely has control of their limbs.

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Been trying to find this one for awhile, it was on a PC demo disc probably late 90's into 2000's, an isometric action survival game set on a space station being attacked by aliens, the characters all had their own professions, i remember a scientist lady with a lab coat, some kind of engineer, a guard who was the only person to start with a gun and a kid.

You could get the characters to check cupboards and other storage units to find useful items, one of the first offensive weapons you find is a fire extinguisher, there weren't a ton of aliens to fight and it felt like the game was more about being careful than about action.

The alien i remember had grey skin, stood on two legs hunched forward and ran towards you when you entered rooms.

There might have been small capsule like elevators taking characters to different levels, which would be a pretty unique thing in an isometric game, that's if i'm remembering correctly.

That's pretty much what i remember, it was always something i wanted to check out, but some games slip past you and are never seen again.

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Dynasty Warriors 8 came out on PC this year, the fact that i picked that kind of says something.
Other than that Trials Fusion was good, Shovel Knight was ok.... what else... Farming Simulator 15.

I've been going through my backlog of unplayed Steam games this year so i've had plenty to do, but this year has been kind of a dud.

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The Bayonetta article was awkward to read for me, Carolyn seemed to contradict her own opinions of what feminism is or should be frequently, her suggestion that female characters in games should show their sexual desires more is also weird for me as a male player.
First i'll say that i'm almost completely against sexual imagery in entertainment, at any time i expect to be watching films or playing games with company, and i don't want to watch people snogging or having orgasms in those situation it's just strange. With that said i'm a man, being seduced by an overly sexual beautiful female in a game makes sense to me, though it never happens in the real world my brain accepts this fantasy as a good one, when controlling a beautiful female character if my actions were to lead her into the arms of another man that would feel strange, i'm responsible for the well-being of that woman, i know what that man is thinking, let go of her you disgusting demon! There's also a hint of jealousy i suppose, Lara Croft is a super awesome lady, she's single so while you're playing she's exclusively yours, if she had a husband she becomes off limits and essentially turns into a gun turret.

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I can't do companion app stuff because i don't have a phone or device capable of it, not that i'd want to anyway, when i pay for a game i want the game not anything around it like its website.

I'm assuming all these dumb marketing ideas help a businessman somewhere, he can show his boss that his game caused thousands of people to take part in other company marketing initiatives, and he'll get a pat on the head despite being completely out of touch and pissing off consumers, then get invited to play some golf or something.

I feel indebted to Valve and Steam for pretty much saving PC games, the way Ubi and EA run their platforms just makes me like Steam even more, all my friends are in the same boat. It's a damn shame i'm being forced to use the other programs due to exclusives, the UK still doesn't have the recent Ubi games on Steam.

Edit: Just checked, Uplay is selling Unity standard edition PC in the UK, for £49.99, that's nearly $80, console version from Ubi is £54.99... completely absurd.