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Extremely sad to see this happen to you Dan, hope everything is sorted out for you. :(

Edit: It seems some awesome duder(s) have set up an IndieGogo to help Dan get back on his feet. Have a look here if you want to help! Dan will donate any leftover money to Child's Play, the IndieGogo goal right now is $2,700 to buy everything back that was stolen.

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Thanks for sharing Patrick, and thank you for everything Ryan Davis.

I am in tears today, just like I was a year ago, and will be for years to come. I miss you Ryan.

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Good luck to everyone applying! Wish I could apply, oh well. :3

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@violegrace: Also, thanks for the awesome screenshots! Can you comment on how much you find yourself "needing" to use a torch? One of the screenshots, where you're going down some stairs, it almost looks like it would be pitch-black without the torch. Is that the case, or do you think the torch is mostly for a neat effect?

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@tobako: You also have to remember that people can screw up their gamma settings, resulting in weird-looking screenshots. :)

And oh, I'm in EU as well + I'm waiting for the PC release. So I won't be playing until 25th of April. :(

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I've seen this exact discussion going on at NEOgaf, to the point that I wonder if the OP is just a user from that board re-posting it here.

Either way, may I suggest this: The game is less than a day away from release on consoles, how about you calm down and wait for "real" impressions and better quality videos? I know people are freaking out right now over "graphics dumbed down" after the whole Watch_Dogs thing, but nothing pisses me off more than people trying to stir up drama where there is none to be found. And no, comparing Screenshot A with Screenshot B isn't proof in my eyes that FROM are trying to screw us over.

Calm down, wait a day or two, then see how things are. I doubt you'll convince people here otherwise anyway.

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Thanks for all your point of views! So it seems that the majority does not want some sort of feature (right now at least), for various reasons. I somewhat agree, though I'm personally waiting until 25th of April for the PC release, and wouldn't mind watching the GB crew play it until then. :)

And who knows? Maybe they'll do something on the game a year or so from now, like some of you suggested. Like Jeff or Patrick (or Alexis?!) playing through it, though I don't think Patrick can wait that long to play it. Either way we have exciting weeks ahead of us, and I hope everyone will enjoy the game who are picking it up this week!

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Disclaimer: This is not a "endurance run please!!"-thread in disguise.

So after watching Vinny play through (most of) Dark Souls, and then Brad playing through Demon's Souls, what are the odds of us getting some sort of weekly / daily feature on Dark Souls II? I noticed they have recorded the quick look (which is over an hour according to Brad's twitter), and this somewhat tells me that we won't see anything else regarding the game other than their discussions on the Bomb Cast.

What are your thoughts? Do you even want some sort of feature on it, or is the QL and podcast discussions enough? Again, I'm not asking for an endurance run per se, but just thought it would be a little weird if it stopped at a quick look. And maybe I've been reading @vinny completely wrong, but it seems to me that he has been teasing some feature on the game for quite some time on the bomb cast.

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@rollingzeppelin: Well to be honest, if you got bored after playing through only one act I'm not sure any kind of patch would make you happy. Maybe it's just not for you.