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(That's my entry to the contest)

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Best of luck Alexis, I'm sure you'll be missed by your former co-workers. I know I'll miss you, and I'll miss you a lot. :(

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Extremely sad to see this happen to you Dan, hope everything is sorted out for you. :(

Edit: It seems some awesome duder(s) have set up an IndieGogo to help Dan get back on his feet. Have a look here if you want to help! Dan will donate any leftover money to Child's Play, the IndieGogo goal right now is $2,700 to buy everything back that was stolen.

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Thanks for sharing Patrick, and thank you for everything Ryan Davis.

I am in tears today, just like I was a year ago, and will be for years to come. I miss you Ryan.

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Good luck to everyone applying! Wish I could apply, oh well. :3

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@violegrace: Also, thanks for the awesome screenshots! Can you comment on how much you find yourself "needing" to use a torch? One of the screenshots, where you're going down some stairs, it almost looks like it would be pitch-black without the torch. Is that the case, or do you think the torch is mostly for a neat effect?

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@tobako: You also have to remember that people can screw up their gamma settings, resulting in weird-looking screenshots. :)

And oh, I'm in EU as well + I'm waiting for the PC release. So I won't be playing until 25th of April. :(

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I've seen this exact discussion going on at NEOgaf, to the point that I wonder if the OP is just a user from that board re-posting it here.

Either way, may I suggest this: The game is less than a day away from release on consoles, how about you calm down and wait for "real" impressions and better quality videos? I know people are freaking out right now over "graphics dumbed down" after the whole Watch_Dogs thing, but nothing pisses me off more than people trying to stir up drama where there is none to be found. And no, comparing Screenshot A with Screenshot B isn't proof in my eyes that FROM are trying to screw us over.

Calm down, wait a day or two, then see how things are. I doubt you'll convince people here otherwise anyway.

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Thanks for all your point of views! So it seems that the majority does not want some sort of feature (right now at least), for various reasons. I somewhat agree, though I'm personally waiting until 25th of April for the PC release, and wouldn't mind watching the GB crew play it until then. :)

And who knows? Maybe they'll do something on the game a year or so from now, like some of you suggested. Like Jeff or Patrick (or Alexis?!) playing through it, though I don't think Patrick can wait that long to play it. Either way we have exciting weeks ahead of us, and I hope everyone will enjoy the game who are picking it up this week!