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Something similar to Ballad of Gay Tony, revolving around a casino. Could introduce new stuff with that as well such as gambling, slot machines, etc.

Though I certainly wouldn't mind a Undead Nightmare-style DLC as well. :)

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@dharmabum: Thanks! 11pm Monday night I'll have my copy. Too bad I have an exam the following Friday in SQL...

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@dharmabum Alright, I'm an idiot. Seems I am a member of a Giant Bomb crew, but that was only for the MP3 crew...anyway, request sent to GTAV crew! My R* ID is Chris_Widell.

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@spaceinsomniac: Thanks for the input! Currently at the point where you're going back to Sanctuary, after it was transported away. Been using the skill points you mentioned as well. Guess I just got the impression that Maya in particular was more difficult in solo than other classes, so was mostly looking for some comparison. :P

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So since we're getting even more DLC next week I figured it was a good time to jump back into BL2. But then I remembered why I quit last time; I simply couldn't advance any further with my level 57 Maya in UVHM. Please note that I'm not complaining regarding the difficulty, I'm well aware of that it's supposed to be hard, but I think Maya is simply too squishy for my taste. I've been trying to gather info regarding what class / spec have an easier time with solo play in UVHM, and I'm seeing a lot of talk about Salvador and Kreig (even some Mechromancer).

What do you suggest? Got an awesome build in mind to share? Thanks!

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@almightyboob: Ah, right. Thanks for the info! So just like Far Cry 3 then, oh well.

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@gike987: Glad to hear it's in line with the old games! Will most likely get in on it as soon as I get cash. Also, was @almightyboob correct that it still launches uPlay, even if you have it on Steam? Not that I mind an awful much, mostly just annoying to have two services running in the background.

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Full blog post with all details.

So today you can purchase the 'digital deluxe edition' (info-pic further down) which, among other things, grant you an early access version of the game. Even better; you don't have to use Ubisoft's uPlay, but it seems the game will be available through Steam as well. Right now I can only find the game on uPlay (in my local currency, so a rough estimate is $30 / €30), but will surely be up on Steam soon as well.