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30-ish hours of playing; zero oranges. Plenty of yellows and blues though.

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Grew up with a NES and later SNES, and my nostalgia votes on SNES. Still remember how freaking ecstatic me and my older brother was when we got one for christmas the same year it was released. We played F-Zero for days on end! And yes, I'm old! Born 1982.

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This is some "All the President's Men" shit right here.

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@braveortega said:

Just Cause 3

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@Contrarian said:

Yep. I am a socialist at heart. Not ashamed to admit it, proud of it in fact. Free education and free health for everyone. A country is only as good as how it looks after its vulnerable people. I happily pay my taxes to help those who need it - who knows when one day that may be me.

You're my best new buddy!

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@Winternet said:

Spain is not that bad. Pyro Studios, creators of the Commando franchise, are from there. Also Pendulo Studios.

I think the dudes who made Castlevania: Lords of Shadow are from Spain as well!

(After checking up) - Yep they are.

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D. "The Stranger"

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@Tennmuerti said:

Plenty of people on Blizz forums with the same problem, usually happens after you play with shady randoms in public games.

Personally i'm using an authenticator and only play with GB duders.

I have mine set to authenticate each time I log into the game. Not much hassle with the free iPhone authenticator anyway.

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We should just program a robot (henceforth called ReviewBot) without any human emotions and feelings to review games objectively. We'd have to code in the entire human history so he has some form of notion of "good" vs "bad".

Of course, whenever ReviewBot would give a game a score too high or too low, half of Internet would claim he got struck with a virus. Surprisingly, the other half of Internet would claim he's fine. In the end, ReviewBot would wipe out the human race for being so fucking stupid. All hail ReviewBot!

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@baldgye: Already a thread on this, and sorry for your loss.

Just curious, but are you using an authenticator? Have you been playing any public games?