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WTF? Bombcast up before ER? Weird.

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@jukezypoo said:
" Yes!

Finally someone that doesn't sound like a total pitch-man/woman, I liked how honest she was, at least by the standards others have set
She might not have sounded like it, but she most definitely was.
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HOLY SHIT! I just got to the part where he tethered the dude to the gas tank, and then shot it, sending him spinning away. THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME!!!

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Neat! I'm pretty impressed with what Sony's been putting out lately. I really hope they drop the price soon so I can get a PS3.

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I hope they make some improvements to the Netflix service too. I heard that they are now making it possible to add new movies to the instant queue from the xbox. I'd really like the option to choose what quality I want and then wait for it to buffer, rather than it stopping what I'm watching in the middle to lower my quality. My connection speed tends to fluctuate pretty often (It's cable), and I often find that anything streaming in HD at the beginning ends up at the lowest quality by the end. I have gotten used to pausing the show/movie as soon as it starts, which is fine, but it doesn't always work, and then I have to wait for it to rebuffer for a lower quality.

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boko52 said:
wow thatgame looks like its for the ps2
It's being released on the WII, DS, and PS2.
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Nyro said:
Is it really a good idea to have two 360s on top of each other like that?
I can't remember ever seeing them both running at the same time. I do wonder if they move whichever one they're using to the top before firing it up.

TwoOneFive said:
these videos are pretty cool double stacking 360's? an automatic red ringer?
That's why you have the second xbox. For when the first one red rings. DUH!! They should probably start tripple, or possibly quadrupile stacking 360's for this exact reason.
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Bummey said:
We definitely need more behind the scenes chatty videos like this.
Did someone say 24/7 Giant Bomb webcam? No? Ok then I'll say it.

24/7 GIANT BOMB WEBCAM!! Pleeeez?
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I actually own, and enjoyed the first one. It's mindless, mostly easy hack and slash, and my girlfriend likes playing the co-op. This one, though, looks better in several ways, but it also seems so much worse. I am a fan of Dynasty Warriors, but unless you're totally die hard into the series, you can't really have fun playing these games without skipping a sequel or two here and there.