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Reading the blog that was established prior to the official site launch.

This =D

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@Enigma777: Both my wife and I are vegetarians, as is my sister. My dad is also a vegan, and none of us would have acted like that. There are certain things I won't deal with that others don't understand. For instance, picking the meat off of a slice pepperoni pizza is not the same as a slice of plain cheese. I'm never rude about it though. I don't like being an annoyance, or a burden. It's my choice to be vegetarian, and I don't expect everyone else to go out of their way to compensate for my choice. If I'm getting food with people, and they don't already know about my diet, I'll let them know, and try to offer some suggestions, but I'm never insistent. I spent years eating french fries at places like Burger King and Carl's Jr. while my friends ate giant burgers. It's so much easier to be vegetarian than it was when I first started.

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@GinjaAssassin: A friend of mine pre-ordered the tournament edition of Mortal Kombat (the super expensive one with the really nice fightstick) for Xbox from Best Buy. When he got the confirmation email, it said he had ordered the PS3 version. He called customer service, and they assured him that it would be fixed, and if not, there would be plenty of copies in store, and he would have no problem exchanging it on the spot. After explaining to the customer service rep that it was a very large, expensive, and uncommon item, my friend was once again reassured that he had nothing to worry about. He went to the store to pick it up on release day, and it was, in fact, the PS3 version. They were more than willing to exchange it for the Xbox version, except for one small problem: they didn't have any in stock.

So, after all that, he returned it, and left the store empty handed. Since there was such a limited supply of that edition, he wasn't able to find it in any other stores either. He ended up buying the game and the fightstick separately, so he didn't have to wait to play the game.

Now, he pre-orders from Amazon pretty much exclusively. It's really rare that they screw up, and when they do, they're usually good about making up for their mistake.

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..."Native" is more in keeping with the idea that, despite how badly the Europeans settlers wanted to erase us from the face of this continent, we were here long before them, and we're still here now.

That's pretty awesome.

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I've never liked the term Native American because it's just as false as Indians.

How so?

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@mrcool11: I suppose "Native American" is, more or less, the official term here in the U.S., though apparently not elsewhere. In regard to your concerns with implied national (or continental) allegiance, I would argue that assimilation is a better word. I'm not saying I necessarily agree, but I could definitely relate to that point of view.

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@mrcool11: Two things:

  1. Speculation about speculation just leads to more speculation.
  2. Is there a reason you're not using the term "Native American"?
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@McBobbyFresh said:

I wouldn't of normally been bothered by this

You wouldn't have normally been bothered by this. =P

I agree that grammar, and spelling are very important. The bigger issue, is that you have a ton of sites out there that are "staffed" by amateurs. You don't need a degree, or even a high school diploma to start a blog. Giant Bomb is run by professionals, with tons of experience. The specific points you're bringing up should be corrected, but they're minor typos. Everybody makes an occasional mistake, and I think it's mostly a result of the writer trying to get the story out to the readers quickly.

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@astromanz: I bet the game is WAY less fun with only 30fps.

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@grnt: Sniper rifles aren't great in Borderlands. If you're playing with others online, you might be able to have a good time using them, but solo, you're probably just going to get annoyed. As for the bullets not hitting the target, maybe you're using guns with low accuracy. Each gun has an accuracy rating, and that would certainly affect your ability to hit a target at a distance.