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@shinboy630: I've used the Hauppauge in the past, and it worked fine. Easy to set up, and capture. I had some issues getting the files to work with Final Cut Pro, but I'm guessing that won't really be an issue for you.

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@MorkaiTheWolf: Certifications are a good selling point for you, and potentially for the company you're working for. For you, certifications are pretty much a guaranteed bump in salary. For employers, they can tell clients that they have a programmer with a list of certifications. A degree is absolutely important, and that experience will absolutely help you in life, but in an industry where specific knowledge and experience are often crucial for the success of a project, certifications give a clearer indication of your expertise. Your degree only gives a broad indication of your specialty, and a general indication of the quality of your education. If you're (for instance) Cisco certified, you've taken the same test as others that have recently been certified, and they know exactly what that means.

The problem with many certifications is that they don't necessarily prove that you're competent in that field, so much as you are good at memorizing.

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@Old_Corncob: It's the weekend. Their customer service department is probably closed.

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I suggest you don't be the guy who brings one bag that's way too big to carry on. There's always at least one guy who does this, and everybody hates him. Stick with two bags, but keep your laptop in your backpack. Also, keep in mind that a lot of airlines are charging for every bag you check now.

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I never know what's reasonable for a haircut, but I suppose it depends where you go, and how involved the haircut is. I never need anything complicated, so I guess it's usually around $5-10. I usually do 15% for food delivery. At a restaurant, I'll do 20% for good service. Unlike a lot of others I know, I'm not afraid to leave a lower tip for crappy service. It really bugs me when people leave the same amount no matter what the level of service. It is extremely rare, however, that I won't leave any tip at all. I think I've only ever done it a couple times in my life.

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@JBird: PC version isn't as bad as you've described there, but it does have issues. Mostly with audio sync. I'm hoping it's just because it's a demo, and not final code. I'd be really bummed if the final product wasn't any better, since I was enjoying the gameplay.

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@Vercinger: So, are we to assume you're not paying for these games? It would be preposterous to uninstall a game you payed money for, just because it has "poor" keyboard and mouse controls. Also, it strikes me as lazy that you're unwilling to play a game just because you're unwilling to learn how to use a gamepad. It's not that hard. I'm sure you have more reasons, but that's the one you gave.

@Sjupp: It depends on the game. If I'm playing a game like Saint's Row or Skyrim I'll use my gamepad. If I'm playing something like Bulletstorm or Battlefield, in which precision aiming is important, I'll use mouse/keyboard. I do get annoyed when multiple actions like run/use/vault over an object are condensed to one button on a keyboard. It works fine on a gamepad, but on a keyboard, it's a little awkward at times. Both Bulletstorm and Mass Effect 2 do this, and for some reason, they picked the spacebar as the default binding. Holding the spacebar while moving forward is just not comfortable. Even so, I understand why they do it, and appreciate that they at least let me change the bindings.

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@vegetashonor: Yeah, it's sort of a minefield, you should definitely avoid any of those 'services'. They just want your cash, and don't give a shit if you get any work ever.