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@vegetashonor: You should move. It's good that you're willing to relocate if you get a job, but it's unlikely you will from sending people links to your youtube video. Next, you should get an agent. You don't know how to get work, they do. Lastly, I wouldn't use that demo reel. It will probably be ok to send to agents to show your versatility until you get some actual work, but after that, you're going to want something original. You want casting agents to see what you, as an individual can do, not just what you can imitate. There are thousands of other men and women out there who can do the same, so why should anyone pick you over them? Also, even though most of your impressions are pretty good, they are all going to be immediately compared to the original. Anything that falls short, makes you look bad.

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@vegetashonor: Where do you live?

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@PainGod89: The first one is such a fantastic game, there's no reason to pass it up. It's twice as much of a great thing.

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@nohthink: It's similar to the idea that watching a movie in the theater is superior to watching at home. Better picture, better sound, bigger screen, etc.

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@bluedabadee: As everyone else is saying, Social Security isn't doing great right now, but from what I know of Ron Paul, and his opinions about government, I'd guess he's in favor of either minimizing, or even attempting to remove it entirely. He's all about small government, and decreasing its involvement in the affairs of the public.

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@Deadmeat: I disagree. I don't think they are like interactive movies. If you're simply trying to prove a point, that's one thing, but if you're trying to convince them to get into modern games, you'll probably do more harm than good by giving them that idea. In fact, I'd argue that describing modern games as "interactive movies" is selling them short.

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@Doctorchimp: The PC version is a port of the original xbox version. It's standard definition, and to my knowledge has not been updated in any way. I'm pretty sure it was released about a year ago.

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Looks like I'll be cancelling my subscription.

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Personally, I'm going to be putting Dark Souls on the back burner for a bit while I jump into Skyrim. I'll probably still hop on DS occasionally, so I don't go soft.

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@phrali: Apparently, you don't get it.