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Runs really well at High with a few tweaks with my 660

Good to know, I've got a 660 ti so when MY UNI HALLS BULLSHIT HALF MB INTERNET FINISHES DOWNLOADING THE 35+ GB FILE, I can be happy :)

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@kishinfoulux: If all your doing is new gpu & ssd then.

Open case:

  1. Press button to release old gpu, pull out
  2. Get new gpu, push in
  3. Grab SSD
  4. Connect to motherboard with sata cable
  5. Find a spot to secure it <- this is the only fiddly bit

:close case

If you want a new processor then forget about what I just said and get someone else to build it. (Unless you want to, I like building my own.)

The 840 EVO Series SSD has been having issues. You will need to update the ssd's firmware (somehow, I don't know if that's easy) after you get it as the performance drops below hard drive speeds if you don't after a few weeks.

Make sure to get 1 GPU with alot of vram (to future proof it).

If your getting ddr3 ram then just get 16gb it's fairly cheap you might render a video at some point in your life that may use it once. :D

Or you could be an architecture student and need 64 gb of ram which I wish I had oh god these render times are so long what is happening with my life I'm just trying to get my work done. WHAT STUDENT HALLS THINKS THAT HALF A MB OF INTERNET SPEED IS ADEQUATE! AHH!!!

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@corruptedevil said:
@basm321 said:


Please don't get excited for this. It's a sequel to the truly awful Of Orcs and Men.

I have hope!

Aoineko [developer]

"No « active pause » or « action queue » in Styx: Master of shadows; It's all about direct input.

OOAM was a RPG, Styx is a stealth game; They only share the same universe."

"Except in a few specific cases related to scenario you can finish the game without killing anybody. It is even more than possible, it is recommended as it gives you more XP.

About the « fighting », you can (try to) block basic enemies' attack in melee. It can even give you opportunities to kill them. However, do not expect the fighting to be a solution that allows you to advance easily through the levels. The fighting will be more often the best way... to die in seconds. ;)"

"Styx: Master of Shadows has an independent story that takes place long before the events of OOAM. There are, of course, some links between the two stories, but nothing that requires them to be discovered in a given order."

- Steam Forums


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@beachthunder said:

Hey, Ether One is pretty good.

I need to play this. So far the top is still Jazzpunk with Wolfenstein coming a hot second. Personal opinions though...


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@bigjeffrey: I seriously do not think he would like Akira. Seriously.

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@tehblackfox said:

Shadow of Mordor. I've heard about it. I've liked different Lord of the Rings games. It looks like this is going for that Assassin's Creed vibe. I know the GB guys haven't done anything official yet, but the Gamespot guys did a pretty good look at what it's going to be.

Styx the Potential Sleeper Hit...

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Hey I'd like some advice.

I had the Nvidia 260 then 460 ti then 660 ti. Should I get the 860 ti when that comes out?

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@ch3burashka: I would love to play Mark of the Ninja Special Edition it's still there :)