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6 - 0

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"Brazil have had 71% of the ball in the second half" of this humiliating game.

But they don't have the people to get the ball in the goal.

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What a performance by the entire team. Immaculate defending, fantastic counter attacks, deadly finishing. 5-0 lead, Klose all-time topscorer in World Cup history. Is this a dream? Am I dead? ;D

Germany are good but Brazil have absolutely collapsed mentally and physically...enjoy it though I an England fan I can only dream. The closest I have got to this with England is the 5-1 back in 2001, but that was only a qualifier..

You're spot on, of course. Brazil should be able to play much better than this even without Silva and Neymar. The pressure just finally sunk the ship today, complete mental-breakdown.

What the fuck do they even do in the half-time?

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@euandewar: I swear the goal keeper has tried in the past. He goes out so much.

Anyway, I had to stop watching. This made me really sad for the country. Like I didn't really care if Brazil lost in fact I favoured Germany for the tournament but damm... :'(

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Picked the 2008 reboot of Prince of Persia up for £5 not too soon after it first came out. I knew the art style looked pretty, but the rest of the game really blew me away. On a similar Ubisoft note, I didn't think that Rayman Origins would be quite as fantastic as it was.

I loved that game. I couldn't do some of the quick time events because I cant press the button fast enough. On one of the bosses I just couldn't beat it because of that. But my brother didn't for me.

The Witcher 2 has an easy 'qte' option; that was really good of them.

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I enjoyed Space Engine. I will enjoy No Man's Sky cos' I like exploring, this game's good for me.

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It's like a Co-op call of duty 1 on easy mode.

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Sometimes threads get closed for not actually having anything to discuss, for not having information to have a forum.

You know what I say to all the people who think that; all them people who like fucking aubergines: Video Games Rule!

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