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Well damn.

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In a TNT (I believe) Ryan closes the show, while I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness is playing. The screen fades out, then jumps back in showing Ryan lip syncing the song. I remember finding this incredibly funny, but I can't remember what show it was actually on. Does anyone else remember?

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I think the most disappointing game this year is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. While it wasn't necessarily bad, it was just boring. The previous Ghost Recon games had some really interesting mechanics that made the game feel challenging and satisfying when you pulled something off flawlessly. Future Soldier's execution type mechanic just made everything very repetitive and forgettable.

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Vinnie Gognitti from Max Payne 2. That Captain Baseball Bat mission was such a pain in the ass, especially with his whiny ass yelling at you every second about guys shooting at him.

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There was this old PC game that a friend and I played called AMBER. I hope I'm getting that name right, it's been awhile. That game really freaked me out.

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Okay, I'll start out by saying I'm sorry if this has been brought up before in these forums. I'm pretty new to this site.  
So anyways, I just started playing Mass Effect 2 (I know I'm late to the party) but what I noticed as soon as the story started to unfold was that the enemy was essentially insect like creatures. Now I'm no bug lover myself, but I immediately started to wonder why insects are so prevalent as enemies in video games.  
The other big example of this is Starcraft. Zerg are very insect like in the way they act, to how their portrayed in the story and the units themselves.  
So, what are your opinions on the buggy villains populating space and many other places in video games?

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@WinterSnowblind: See the thing is, I don't think anyone is getting screwed over. You're still getting 99% of the content. All you're missing is a few little things. I don't agree with games offering pre-order DLC that actually changes gameplay, but in this situation, it doesn't. I think what we have here, is another case of people getting upset because they're not getting more for less. 
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I guess I just don't see what the big deal is. It's not like these costumes will affect character abilities, or fatalities for that matter. As for Kratos being offered for PS3 players, big whoop? It's not like Xbox players are playing PS3 players online. I don't see anything wrong with a company trying to do something to make some extra money. People tend to forget that these game publishers are businesses, they're goal is to make money, not to appease every gamers' whiny tantrums. 

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