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PS3 codes for North America:



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Love many of the ones posted already. Just a few more favorites.

"Deadly Premonition" -- My favorite WTF moment from the endurance run with Jeff and Vinny.

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"Darkest of Days" -- Jeff and Ryan at the helm with Vinny and Dave cracking up in the background. All my favorite moments start at this timestamp, but the entire thing is worth a watch.

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"Skyrim" -- The unexpected sabertooth cat moment brings gales of laughter to Brad, Jeff and Patrick.

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Going with a more optimistic guess of $102 million.

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The only way to listen to Avril Lavigne is through Vinny's remixing genius on TNT: Burnout Paradise.

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Really lovely statement of support for the GB staff.

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@rorie said:

@hungry_horace: We've been discussing this since we heard the news and are going to try and make it happen. We'll see what we can do. Thanks for the suggestion.

Great to hear. Would love to be able to contribute in any case, but I'm sure the T-shirt reissuing would mean a lot to many.

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The Telegraph's Tim Robey praised the film, stating: "At first, watching Pacific Rim feels like rediscovering a favourite childhood cartoon – but del Toro has flooded the project with such affection and artistry that, rather than smiling nostalgically, you find yourself enchanted all over again."[68]Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter gave the film a positive review, stating: "Guillermo del Toro's paradoxically derivative yet imaginative sci-fi epic is everything that monster movies since the beginning of time might have wished they could be."[69]Drew McWeeny of HitFix praised other aspects of the film: "The production design by Andrew Neskoromny and Carol Spier and the art direction by Elinor Rose Galbraith and Richard L. Johnson is masterful, and the film has an amazing, vivid palette that is captured perfectly by Guillermo Navarro's photography... It doesn't hurt that Ramin Djawadi has written a ridiculously cool score.[70]"The Guardian's Andrew Pulver was less enthusiastic, stating that the film's "wafer-thin psychodrama and plot-generator dialogue provides little for the human component to get their teeth into".[71]

Director Rian Johnson praised the film, saying: "Go into Pacific Rim prepared to be transmogrified into a 12 year old... I love it so much."[72] Japanese game director Hideo Kojima gave the film a six-post review on Twitter, calling it the "ultimate otaku film" and stating he "never imagined [he] would be fortunate enough to see a film like this in [his] life".[73] MusicianKanye West stated it was "easily one of [his] favorite movies of all time."[74]

First Rotten Tomatoes score came in at about 77% and it's been ticking upwards (83%) as more critics weigh in ... still early but seems promising.

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I was wondering what was happening when I first saw the featured stories ... then I scrolled down and my heart ended up somewhere on the floor. My deepest condolences to Ryan's family and friends. Glad the site has put up some of his greatest hits to remember the good times ...

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@mariachimacabre: Yeah, clumsy title. Point taken. Title is changed.

I had no intention of that being taken as "Change your title". I meant no ill will. Forgive me, sir.

Hah, no offense taken. If I kept "Metal Gear" in the title, would be better to make it "Metal Gear" Creator Hideo Kojima.