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Posted by CitizenKane

Prepare to trip the fuck out.

Posted by Video_Game_King

I can beat it:

Posted by Gamer_152

Saw this on Ryan's Twitter this morning, now it's back, there is no escape!

Posted by rjayb89

Oh, that's what Tyler Barber was referring to on Rebel FM.  Or, at least, that's what I think is what he's referring to.

Posted by Claude

I always knew that kids shows promoted drug use. Look at the Olsen twins now, all strung out.

Posted by BraveToaster

That was amazing

Posted by ajamafalous

Jesus fucking Christ. 
My curiosity got the better of me and I watched the original, non-slowed-down version. 
I think it's scarier.

Posted by InfamousBIG

This makes Gleezle Glurp look like...something normal.

Posted by Ryax
@Video_Game_King: well arent you special then huh? 
this is insanity.
Posted by ReyGitano

LMAO. Seriously, my face freaking hurts! 
I saw when Ryan posted the non slowed down version, and that was bad enough, but GOD DAMN!

Posted by Snipzor

What the fuck are they doing? Not ever, no way. Thinks they've got it going Bossa nova, no way no way, what is this garbage? What is this?

Posted by W0lfbl1tzers

Why the black girl gotta bring the chicken? fv

Posted by Tebbit

The scary thing is, I found this on Youtube completely by accident TWO DAYS BEFORE RYAN TWITTERED IT. 
I now have to wash myself every two hours. On the hour.

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Posted by Jambones

Man, what makes this even freakier is that I was watching this yesterday. It's haunting me...