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OMFG I used to play this game. I stole it from my dad when I was a kid. Cyberpunk is awesome.

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Really sad to hear. I thought that the servers were half cool and half bad when I first saw them but... this is nearly the price of a whole game. I mean come on.

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Hello everyone.

I was looking all over the place for info regarding the new AC multiplayer as I'm into the multiplayer as much as the singleplayer (if not more).

Does the "3 year development cycle" really affect the multiplayer now that we know that Ubisoft Annecy took over the development of the multiplayer in November? Is this just going to be a new version of Brotherhood's multiplayer? Are rumors that mention a co-op mode true? Who do you play as in the multiplayer? As the Assassins, the Templars, or both? What should they add to multiplayer? Feel free to chime in with new information or to tell us what you think should be in it.

And yes this is my first post. Enjoy the video.