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The clerks in my local Gamestop ususally don't know shit about the games they're selling, but other than that I don't really have a problem with upselling, at least no more than anywhere else where there are membership cards involved. They're still expensive as fuck though.

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@dfsvegas: While I generally agree with this argument you cannot tell me that a freakin' Star Wars game released in 2015 won't make it's money back. I got the game with the console (actually before the console since it isn't in store before December, so looking at a copy of it right now) basically for free and will never ever buy a season pass, so I can take it or leave it really, it doesn't really affect me, but I can understand why people are pissed off. It's greed and yes it's a big corparation but that doesn't make this acceptable.

I am fucking sick of people demanding a SP campaign in a game that is designed around multiplayer.... It's almost like people forgot how awful the BF campaigns have been since 3.

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If the reviews aren't awful I'll probably get it for Christmas. Seems like a real good vacation game.

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To the people who pile on about how reviewers aren't critical enough of the Bethesda jank. So? We do this all the time! Miller probably put it best in his review over on Videogamer. He pointed out the technical hic-ups and said that it didn't effect his time with the game but that others might take issue with it. And that's all we're talking about here: Compromising on something you like even though it doesn't do everything perfect. Like we did when MGSV came out, had a shit story, but did we care? Fuck no, have you played that game? It's brilliant. Or when The Witcher 3 basically controlled like shit until several patch lateres. Again did people care? No! It's the same with Fallout 4. These reviewers are clearly aware of the problems the game has (most of the time, O'Dwyers attitude towards this series kinda rubs me the wrong way) but it didn't affect their overall experience.

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Really glad to hear this. It'll probably be free-to-play some day down the line, following the huge succes of TF2's shift but for now, this is really, really great news. Also interesting to hear that it isn't PC exclusive, but I guess that's just another greaat incentive for me to get an Xbone in the coming year.

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Hyrule Warriors is only on the Wii U


... ... ...

You should buy a Wii U

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Videogamer not quite as generous gave the game 5/10. Alexa's review however did really intrigue me, hearing that the story elements and mission design is better sounds great! Hopefully it isn't quite as big a mess as Unity.

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Saw this little gem:

Far better than that piece of shit Troll 2, even a bit better than The Room and Birdemic I would say. Still doesn't beat Howling 2 when it comes to 'so bad they're good' movies, but it's up there.

MOTHER SUPERIOR! ha ha ha ha....

Also saw Werner Herzogs great remake of Nosferatu. Not quite as scary as the original, but man Klaus Kinski is still just an incredible presence and the story is much better than the original Dracula, focusing more on the ultimate victim, Lucy, and her relationship with Dracula than it does the men of the story. It even casts Val Helsing as a bumbling idiot which is kind of amuzing. Still like Coppolas version the best though.

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Splatoon and Super Mario Maker both seem to be universally beloved. And later this year we get Mario Tennis and Xenoblade. As for older titles for the Wii U, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, Hyrule Warriors (yes, I said it!), Shovel Knight and Wind Waker HD are all stellar games.

Apparently the new Fatal Frame game has gotten some rather mediocre reviews, so I wouldn't hope out much hope for that one :/

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At least from what I know my sister (she also rarely plays) really loves Animal Crossing and the Zelda games especially the DS ones. She did grow up with me, her and my brother playing quite a lot of N64 so maybe it won't really do anything for her but those two series are in my experience really fun for casual gamers (sorry that's still hard to type out)