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He doesn't look like as big of a dibshit as the P3 protagonist (seriously, straighten the fuck up dude, it ain't hard, and you're not 13) and he doesn't have the weird hair color that Charlie did (never understood the grey hair choice, other than to make him more recognizable... Which I guess was the point). So yeah, he's cool. A bit generic looking, but he'll do just fine as a self-confident leader-type. Also for a video game the choice to make the protagonist wear glasses is inspired. Maybe I'm wrong about this but how many protagonists in videogames has any sort of visible handicap?

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I saved the baby because why wouldn't you? He's right there in front of you. My guess is he didn't die no matter what, but yeah...

Covered for Luke, although really, I pretty much flipped a coin on this one. I knew if I went out there he would fall in and take me with him, I would get out of the water and he would die. Hadn't seen Bonnie being so pissed at me for leaving Luke behind though, which at least somewhat justified her leaving with Mike and Arvo... Although as someone else pointed out FUCK THAT TWO-FACED SNITCHING ASS BONNIE. Oh so she's going to be mad at CLEM for not throwing her life away trying to save Luke after all of the shit she has done? After doing nothing for the group other than giving Clem a fucking jacket? Yeah, thanks asshole, hopefully that wench won't pop up again. Good ridance...

I yelled for help when Mike, Arvo and Bonnie tried to flee. Really this choice highlights the main problem with Season 2 which is, that some character actions only make sense if the player has made certain choices. So in my case, it made sense that Arvo shot Clementine. She had stolen his medicine, not really done a whole lot to stop Kenny from being a dick to him and now she's screaming for Kenny and Jane. It felt more like a gut reaction from his side than anything else. If you did help him earlier that whole character falls the fuck apart, at that point he's only being angry at you for plot convinience.

I shot Kenny. Look you guys, Kenny is a dick. He has always been an insufferable ass, incapable of rational thought and he's a small minded racist to boot. But, as a character I think he by far has been the strongest of the supporting cast both in Season 1 and 2. Because he felt like a real person. A person I didn't like the slightest, but that's fine. I really enjoyed having him back for Season 2, because he was the only character who felt like more than a plot device. I mean, I think Jane is a great character, but her purpose as a plot device is clear as day: She's supposed to distance the player from the rest of the group. As of such I thought this was a great end for Kennys arc. It was obvious he had reached his breaking point, and even though Janes decision to play with his emotions was cruel, she did have a point. At that point, Kenny didn't care about you, he didn't care about Jane, he probably didn't even give a crap about the baby. He just wanted to see the world burn. So I put him down. His monolouge at the end was extremely powerful and made me feel like I had done the right thing. What a great fucking character.

I forgave Jane but pretty much only because leaving her would leave me with having accomplished absolutely nothing this entire season. Which might have been fitting. But I thought Clem would stand a better chance with an ally, who at least trusted her.

I let the family in and of course one of them is armed. It really hammers the point of this season home. That Clementine can't trust any one, yet she has to rely on them, because she can't make it on her own.

Overall I'm of two minds about this season in its entirety. On the one hand I like what they did with Clementine as a character, Kenny was great to see make a comeback and the relationship between Jane and Clem was great to watch blossom. But the rest of the characters didn't get enough screen time (so to speak) to let the player develop any sort of connection to them, mostly because the plot was in such a hurry to get to the next big plot twist. I don't think there was a single time in this entire season in which you were just let loose in a big environment to just talk to people and get to know them. And like I pointed out before, a lot of the character interactions and actions only made sense if the player had made specific choices.

And what was with that Carver side plot? He was a bad knock-off character of The Governor (who is the worst villain to ever grace TV, don't know if he is quite as bad in the comics), he pretty much does nothing but stand around and waste time so that Telltale could get 5 episodes out of this season. That and when Kenny mentoined Wellington, I had no idea what he was talking about, since I had long forgotten about that place ever getting mentoined. I guess that ones on me though.

If I would have to rate Season Two, I guess I would land on 3 out of 5. Telltale either needs to make their next game more interactive or really ace the storytelling and characters. This entire season just felt half assed from beginning to end, with a couple of highlights. I still enjoyed my time with it, more so than Wolf Among Us, but I'm certainly not going to just blindly buy a season pass for the next batch of Telltale Games. They're going to have to win me over again, and I somewhat doubt that is going to happen with their ressources spread over 4 or 5 games.

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And Borderlands 2 Vita is about the journey towards a working game?

Borderlands 2 Vita functions just fine. The original game was never pretty, it always had flaws. Considering the scope of that game, I find that port extremely impressive. Then again I couldn't give less of a shit about frames per second. I played through Bayonetta on PS3, still had a blast, I completed Bioshock with a 10-20 FPS and still enjoyed myself and grew up with the N64 which I think explains A LOT. I know there's a difference in playing 20 or 30 or 60 FPS I just don't think it's meaningfull at all.

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Death Wish - Look I love me some 70's dark vigilante/police thrillers. And Death Wish is certainly well made, with Bronson giving an absolute chilling performance as the lead. The rape/mugging scene at the beginning is absolutely haunting it reminds you how far directors were allowed to go in the 70's compared to today. However this scene does not justify the main character - a rich white dude by the way - spending an hour GUNNING DOWN MOSTLY BLACK MUGGERS AND DRUG ADDICTS, and then completely white-washing him of any wrong-doing afterwards by justifying all of his actions. This movie just left me with a real fucking bad taste in my mouth.

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I've watched quite a few movies since I last wrote in, so here's some highlights

  • Ginger Snaps and Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning - Ginger Snaps was a pleasant suprise and great example of how to make a very traditional werewolf film feel modern. I usually don't like werewolf movies (other than the Howling franchise, which I absolutely adore), but the characters and story arc really grabbed me. The third act is also pretty damn creepy with some very impressive puppet-work. Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning on the other hand feels extremely rushed with none of the character development of the first one, the pacing is completely off with pretty much all of the plotlines going nowhere and awfull direction that makes it impossible to make out what's happening in most action scenes because of shaky cam.
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf - A French film made by Christoph Gans, the dude who made the original Silent Hill movie, which I really liked. Other than a messy third act, I think that movie is highly underrated. This one was kind of a mess, sadly. It was very long and very little happens in it. It takes place shortly before The French Revolution and is about a bountyhunter type guy who tries to hunt down a Beast who kills famers. Most of the movie is just padding which means we get to spend a great deal of time with some highly entertaining characters. Which is fine and all, it's just, nothing really happens until the last hour and by then you've probably already figured out pretty much every plot twist the movie stuffs into the last third act. The fighting is also super weird. It's very Matrix-inspired in its use of exaggerated hand-to-hand combat and slow-motion, which doesn't really fit with the tone of the rest of the movie. So yeah, a fun flick with a very unique style, that probably isn't worth two and a half hours of your time.
  • Hatchet II and Hatchet III - Fuck these movies. Seriously these are the kinds of trash, bullshit movies that give horror flicks a bad name. Yes, it's cool that the Hatchet-franchise only uses practical effects... Except the effects are fucking garbage. I've watched movies with CGI blood that's more convincing than this. Yes, having your sequels take place right after the original is a very classic horror movie trope (Halloween 2, Friday The 13th part 4 and Evil Dead 2 and 3), but the sequel still needs to be a fucking movie on its own. You still need a beginning middle and end. These are barely movies. They're really shitty death montages bookended by bland exposition monolouges.
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  • Assassins Creed 1 & 3 - Other than Brotherhood, the best in the series
  • Warhammer 40K: Space Marine - The best TPS since Gears of War 1
  • F.E.A.R 2 - A fantastic action game, very moody atmosphere and man that ending...
  • Alien Homonid - Why is there no love for the little yellow alien fella? This game is up there with the first Geometry Wars and N+ in early Arcade games on the Xbox 360, that proved how important downloadable titles would become.
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Looks like fun, will probably pick it up when it goes on sale

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Sprite and Cherry Coke are the only good sodas, otherwise that stuff is just gross.

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  1. MGS4 was the first one I played and while I don't really think that game holds up gameplay-wise, it was still an amazing experience at the time since I knew basically nothing of the MGS-series. Such a delight.
  2. MGS3 doesn't really work a 100 percent, but the combat arenas are a lot better and more open than they are in MGS4, the bosses are memorable as hell and the relationship between Snake and Big Boss is so great.
  3. MGS: Ground Zeroes is the only one of the over-the-shoulder MGS games that doesn't have serious gameplay-issues. It's short, but I think the side-ops are varied enough to make up for the steep price-point. I really think it's a mistake though to switch Hayter with Bauer and I even like that actor. He just doesn't feel like Snake/Boss.
  4. MGS2 is by far the best playing of the bunch, yet I haven't finished it yet. Just... Nothing about the story graps me, and I'm about 10 hours in.
  5. MGS1 has been hard to go back to, not having any nostalgia for the series. I think it's the worst of the bunch story-wise and a lot of the abatrary bullshit puzzles aren't charming, they're just annoying. That and the map just isn't made for backtracking yet the game constantly forces you to backtrack. I'll probably still finish it.

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You're Next


I was kinda worried this would have the same snotty garbage themes as say the Scream-franchise, since I had heard the movie was a deconstruction of the classic slasher 80's genre. You know, the type where you are told a bunch of bullshit genre tropes that are mostly false and unfounded, wrapped in a somewhat entertaining, though mostly generic slasherfest.

Instead this turned out to be one of the more positive surprises for me in quite some time. It's not so much that the movie deconstructs the genre, the critics who are saying that are lying to you and themselves because they can't fathom a slasher movie being great without having some bullshit message behind it, that supports those critics own views on the genre, which is that all slasher movies are hot garbage. In fact the setup is fairly bland with a cast of mostly forgettable characters making dumb-ass decisions, some masked killers and screaming women (though not topless, which is somewhat peculiar) getting their faces axed.

What makes it great though is in part how capable the lead actress is. She ends up pretty much turning the tables on the killers and picking them of one by one in the most glorious ways imaginable. It helps the movie a lot that it's expertly paced (it's pretty much exciting from start to finish with no real downtime to speak of), has great practical effects, a kick ass soundtrack and some really entertaining villians. And most importantly, it's a completely original slashermovie, that doesn't try to be nostalgic, doesn't try to cash in on the torture porn bullshit and IT ISN'T A REMAKE. Seriously I think it's the only truly original horror movie we've had since Paranormal Activity.