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I agree with you that Dive Kick is not as easy to learn as they said it would be, there is a lot going on for only using 2 buttons. That being said it was a lot of fun playing it and I can't wait to see you winning EVO 2014.

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Is anyone else getting a bug where it says "You Lose" no matter what? I should have won 3 games in a row but in each game right as i clicked battle to win, the game said it lost connection with the server. When I clicked to go back in on the game menu it says "game over" and when i go into the game it said I lost. All 3 losses happened right as I was about to attack and win the game. Then I was about to attack and win but the person I was facing would not finish their turn for about 10 minutes. I decide to go to the menu to just check it out and see if the game just hadnt updated and it was actually my turn but the menu says "game over" and when I go back into the game it says "You Lose" even though his timer is still ticking down and im up by about 50 life. WTF. It is so annoying and making me not play even though I think the game is awesome.

Also why the fuck is the timer 30 minutes? It's way too fucking long and easily abused. I have had multiple times when I'm about to win and people sit there and dont finish there turn, in what I awesome is an attempt to get me to concede because otherwise I have to wait 25 minutes to win the game. Anyway I'm done ranting, but has anyone else encountered this bug?

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Speaking of Saints Row IV, I'm getting pretty excited for it. That and GTA V are so close!

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As long as Jesse makes it out of this alive I'll be happy. He is my favorite character and Walt has fucked him over and manipulated him constantly, I hope he gets some sort of revenge or at least an escape.

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I never really liked Dead Rising. I guess it was probably because of the things you said about the controls being terrible. Also I still need to read your book.

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Alan Wake was an awesome game and by the looks of things (Remedy's new crazy XBOX One launch title game) we may never see a good ending, or even a sequel to the game, which is unfortunate. I just love the way remedy does their narration, they seem to find the perfect combination of actors and writers to create a really cool style.

As for Revengeance, I haven't played it but I hope it ends with you getting your revengeance.

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It always surprises me that you like movies like Fast and Furious as much as you do. I'm not sure why I just always get the impression you wouldn't like movies like that (even though you do). Also Bioshock Infinite is great and so is the twist no matter what you say!

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Let's take bets on whether or not I will beat ni no kuni. And I was a bit disappointed with the Star Trek movie. I thought it looked better in the trailers than it ended up being, though it was still good. I just wanted them to have more of an adventure but that isn't what Into Darkness is about so whatever I guess.

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Looks like an expansion

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People like it because it's fun to play something competitive with a group of friends. It also takes the stress off sometimes when you can rely on someone else to win games for you, rather than in a game like starcraft where it's all up to you to win. Starcraft is way better of course, I still can't forgive Brad for quitting Starcraft for it.