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It always surprises me that you like movies like Fast and Furious as much as you do. I'm not sure why I just always get the impression you wouldn't like movies like that (even though you do). Also Bioshock Infinite is great and so is the twist no matter what you say!

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Let's take bets on whether or not I will beat ni no kuni. And I was a bit disappointed with the Star Trek movie. I thought it looked better in the trailers than it ended up being, though it was still good. I just wanted them to have more of an adventure but that isn't what Into Darkness is about so whatever I guess.

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Looks like an expansion

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People like it because it's fun to play something competitive with a group of friends. It also takes the stress off sometimes when you can rely on someone else to win games for you, rather than in a game like starcraft where it's all up to you to win. Starcraft is way better of course, I still can't forgive Brad for quitting Starcraft for it.

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This isn't a minor trope at all, but I HATE having people nearly fall off a cliff yet get pulled up by their hand by someone. The upper body strength alone to do that would be incredible, not to mention the grip you would have to have. I don't understand why it's in nearly every action movie and video game. It's not exciting at all because 99% of the time they pull the person up, what a surprise.

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Just buy a PC and get Starcraft II, become a pro gamer and say fuck it to real employment. Also, this reminds me I need to keep reading your second book!

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I think the problem is we are getting a fourth gears of war, a fourth god of war and a bunch of games that were great when they came out 4 years ago, but these sequels are too much of the same. Bioshock Infinite on the other hand, offered a really unique setting and characters, along with a really well written plot and the crew loved it. When you play and review games for a living, even some of the good games are going to start to seem boring because you have played so many of them. I think it's less about the crew hating games and more about sequel fatigue, especially when they play every major release every year.

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Its definitely World of Warcraft. I had one character with 50 days played time and another with like 10 days played time. Starcraft 2 will definitely win out over time though. If I had to guess and do a little math I'd say I am close to 35 days played in it.

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I don't understand why there is so much critical talk and disappointment with the game's combat. I thought it was really fun and way more strategic than any other fps out there. With all the different guns and powers you can be really creative with how you take out the enemies. Also, the skyline and Elizabeth's powers allowed for the combat to be really fast-paced. The game does an amazing job of telling the entire story through Booker's first-person point of view and there are no traditional cutscenes. This makes the story-telling even more engaging. I wouldn't want the game to be anything other than first-person.

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As you can see, Jeff is holding a jar and a controller, Ryan (or Ryman) has a delicious can of coconut milk, Brad has his trusty keyboard, Vinny is being very careful holding his son Max and Patrick has a dinosaur and a ghost. I think this picture best reflects the interest of the Bombcast crew and the site at large.

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