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If you love Starcraft, this expansion is a must buy 0

After nearly a three year wait, the first expansion to Starcraft II has arrived and brought a plethora of welcome changes to the game. The expansion itself provides a new twenty mission campaign as well as new maps, units, and balance changes to the multiplayer. The expansion also launched Blizzard's all new UI for Heart of the Swarm as well as Wings of Liberty, which includes groups, clans, the ability to watch replays with other players, and the ability to start playing a game from a replay. I...

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Despite some poor design choices, Absolution is still great fun 1

The Hitman series has always been about patience, exploration and execution of the perfect assassination, and Absolution brings that same unique stealth style back. The classic trial and error gameplay allows you to plan out your attack until you create your own perfect execution, whether it be by "accident" or by a straight up neck snapping. While silently assassinating your target has never been as fun, some poor (and down right strange) design choices really hold Hitman: Absolution back from ...

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Whether you are stabbing or sneaking, Dishonored is a joy to play 1

Very few games have ever made me immediately hit new game right after finishing them, or have even given me the desire to replay them at all. Dishonored however is one of those rare games where as soon as the credits finished rolling I wanted to jump back in and see more. Whether you choose to murder everyone in your path or sneak from roof top to roof top, Dishonored provides plenty of player creativity and satisfying moments to keep you entertained from start to finish.You play as Corvo Attano...

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A thought provoking experience that leaves you wanting more 1

There is a lot to say about Dear Esther, which is quite a feat considering the game only lasts for about one hour and thirty minutes. Originally published as a mod for the source engine in 2008 by developer thechineseroom, it has been rebuilt with better visuals and level design and made available for purchase on Steam. Created to be more of an experience rather than a game, Dear Esther is a unique take on the first person genre.The story starts off with a man, presumably the character you are p...

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