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PSN: cjdunn

Time Zone: Eastern

BF4, Warframe (probably in the short term, we'll see), Resogun, KZ:SF, NSF: Rivals (haven't put that in yet)

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Microsoft's doing the right things, but all of them due to intense pressure by their customers and competitors.

This next generation is a joy to behold. I love a good fight.

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Started listening to this episode last evening. They also recount bad rentals from previous E3s.The foreshadowing in the episode is chilling.

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Sounds like what I've been seeing this week. When viewing the video, the progress bar within the timeline, doesn't seem to advance.

In other words, when I hit pause, the rest of the clip stops preloading/caching.

Max OS Lion, Safari, HTML5, HD

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Bethesda dropping a significant amount of coin here.

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IANAL but let's count the lawsuit possibilities: Square Enix could sue for tampering with their product, OnLive could petition the Feds on anti-competitive grounds and customers could start a class action for selling opened products as new. (Yes, I know GS has been doing this for years, but it's all about the evidence. That memo is hard evidence of company policy).


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@ryanwho: Uh, OnLive is a streaming service, just like the one GameStop is getting ready to launch - http://www.giantbomb.com/news/gamestop-gobbling-up-impulse-and-spawn-labs/3018/

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A David Bowie ballad!? Sign me up.

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"Nothing stops the Game Room Quick Look."

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